Upgrade option from SD movie to HD movie?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MythicFrost, May 31, 2012.

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    I live in Australia and I own quite a few movies on iTunes, unfortunately only SD movies were available at the time. Now HD movies have been out for a little while, I'd like to know (although I've looked and I'm sure it isn't possible) if Apple offers a way to "upgrade" your movie to HD?
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    no there isn't.
    just in the same way you can't walk into HMV (or equivalent) with your SD DVD and expect to be able to upgrade to a blu-ray at a discount. you would have to buy the blu-ray at the advertised price.
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    That's not entirely accurate. There are some options available for trading in DVDs for BDs at a discounted price, such as Warner's DVD2Blu program and occasionally Best Buy which will take in a used DVD and give you a $5 coupon towards the purchase of a BD. I see no reason why Apple couldn't incorporate something similar.
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    That's not the same though, with Apple everything is digital and everything is bought through them. I'd gladly pay the difference, but there's no way I'll buy another digital copy of my movie in HD.

    They already offer a "complete my album" and "complete my season" TV options, which lets you buy the rest of the album or season without paying for what you've already bought, but you couldn't do that in a store either.
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    I wish there were an upgrade price.

    Way back, I had bought the first three seasons of Lost when they were available in SD only. A month or two later they released the HD versions. I ended up buying them to. Too bad though because I ended up losing interest in the show in season five and deleted the show.

    I did a hear a rumor or two of people being offered a reduced price in buying an HD copy of the movie that they purchased in SD previously. I read it on the Apple support forums. No way to verify if that really happened. Maybe it was something Apple was trying out.

    If I can't have the HD versions now, I don't buy the show, same with movies.

    Also, I've found that if I can't afford the HD version of a show, just wait. I bought each season of Psych for $16.99 a few months ago, each season of Parks and Rec for $19.99 a few months ago and each HD season of Desperate Housewives for $19.99. These included the current seasons and all were HD.
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    Yeah, if only we could get thousands of people to send feedback to Apple and ask them to add such a feature.

    I only buy HD now that's it available. I wish they'd stop overcharging in Australia, but it's probably the movie companies, not Apple -- we pay $10 more for movies I think.

    I might post in the Apple support forums at some point... see what happens xO
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    I just checked two other seasons of a show that I was interested in but could not afford. One season, they wanted nearly $80 for last summer. Now it is on sale for $14.99. I was going to buy a few episodes at a time till I got them all like I did with the Office years ago and now I'm glad I didn't.

    You get great deals if you are patient.
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    Yeah that's true, I just wish movie prices would go down. It's a lot to pay $30 for an HD movie :eek:

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