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Upgraded from Lion to ML 2011 MBA 11 (unhappy so far)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NYRangers11, Aug 5, 2012.

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    So I just upgraded my MBA 2011 11' i5 from Lion to Mountain Lion. I didn't do a fresh install and just upgraded on top of Lion.

    The first major issue I have is when scrolling in safari, whether zoomed in or not. It just seems laggy.

    Another issue is that all software updates are now from the App Store and the interface is a little different and it seems i cannot chose what I want to upgrade and what I don't.

    Another issue is that I can no longer see the time left on the battery but I can still see %.

    So after about two days I see the upgrade as completely useless. I don't even know how it is different or any better than Lion.
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    Try a fresh install (8GB USB Flash) and a Time Machine restore.
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    I believe you can still individually select updates, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't accept all of them. It works similar to app updates on iOS. It's easiest to install all the updates, but you can scroll down below and select individual applications to update.

    Have you activated Power Nap yet? I've found that useful.

    Mountain Lion fixes some of the bugs that went unfixed in Lion. You should notice that wakes from sleep are faster than under Lion, for instance. Regarding the scrolling, I haven't noticed an issue, though I did notice that it was a little laggy the first day or so until most of my sites re-cached.
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    This... It took a while for spotlight or whatever to do it's thing. Give it a day, I also have an i5, 4GB, 11" Air and ML works much better than Lion.
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    My wife and I both upgraded from SL on her 2010 MBP and my 2010 MBA and it has been a pleasant surprise. Every bit as good as SL, lots of good features we are both exploring. I dont like the battery time indicator, but that is hardly a deal breaker. Safari browsing isn't laggy at all.
    I only have one major disappointment. My MBA won't connect to my NAS for TM backups using SMB. You have to have a mounted AFP share. From what I have read, this is a bug, and should be fixed in an update.
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    I just noticed that the mail app ls sluggish as well when scrolling from one mail to the other using the arrow keys.
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    No lag here at all on mine, and mind you I am on a core 2 duo machine. Crisp up and down scrolling through mail using arrow keys.
    Did you upgrade or clean install? I don't even try to do upgrades anymore, clean installs only.
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    OP: Clean installs solves all problems. Believe.
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    I installed it on top of Lion, and so far it has been working great. Maybe if I get the time I'll do a full clean install and see if it truly does make a difference.

    Has there been any comparisons between Clean install and Upgrade install? With the same number of startup apps, I doubt the difference would be much if any at all.
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    I installed on top as well, seems fine.
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    No, CleanInstallogists just believe.

    Careful, anyone who voices doubts will be asked to prove their disbelief.
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    Which backup and restore should I be using when attempting a clean install ?
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    Clean install. Time machine restore.
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    I upgraded on top of my lion on a 2011 13 MBA. I have no problems.
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    A clean install never involves any kind of restore.

    1. Format SSD.
    2. Install OSX.
    3. Reinstall all other software.
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    Actually, I'm pretty sure it isn't a glitch. It was done for security reasons. I have the same problem with windows home server but set up a freeNAS virtual machine
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    The "quasi-clean" install (with a migration from a Carbon Copy Clone) solved my issues. I was getting wake-from-sleep issues with Mountain Lion that a straight reinstallation didn't address.
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    Thats crazy. That would involve a lot of time just for a OS update/upgrade.
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    Do a clean install. Upgrades leave too much prior BS laying around.
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    Did upgrade on my iMac that I use as a DAW; no problems at all.

    Did clean install on my MBA 11"; no problems at all.
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    Restoring from a backup simply brings back all the debris the CleanInstallogists claim slows your system down. A clean install is just that, a clean install. Starting over.
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    Windows users don't give up the habit very easily. It's actually part of the fun.
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    I did a proper clean install on my 2011 MBA, it runs ML perfectly. No lag, no issues.

    Yes, it took a few hours to install my apps, but my machine runs like a dream.

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