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Upgrading HD for Mac Plus

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by blakespot, Apr 11, 2002.

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    Man... After probably 6-8 hours (counting travel time to acquire drives) of toiling to get this Mac Plus's external 20MB HD upgraded to a larger drive, I finally have had success. I wanted to use the same enclosure that came w/ the Mac Plus for the larger drive and to do so meant "fraying" the 50-pin SCSI ribbon cable and adding a power supply extension segment (tho I was unhappy w/ the frayed cable and replace the whole 3-connector arrangement with one I harvested from an old 2x caddie-based CD-ROM drive I had purchased back in '94).

    Dropping a Seagate 420MB drive in the enclosure, I could not get it to work. The drive was not recognized by Apples HD SC Setup util. And the power light stayed on and head movement was constant (shot drive? it worked fined when pulled from a NeXT machine 2 years ago). I then went and got a 1GB MicroNet (Maxtor) 1GB SCSI drive/enclosure from a friend and purchased a 2GB Seagate Hawk drive (just in case) for $15. I looked at the Maxtor and it was like 8-10 years old---one of those $2,000 1GB drives back in the day), so I went with the more recent Seagate Hawk.

    Threw it in, hooked it up, but no spinup. I could not get it to spinup. So I grabbed an old 68K version of SCSIProbe and ran it on the Mac Plus and it said that the bus was not terminated (but an active terminator was in place). So I dug in my cable box and found an active terminator w/ LED to show it's on-line---LED was dim. So I did a search and found that the Mac Plus, the first consumer machine to offer SCSI, does not offer termination power to the bus. So, I went to set a jumper to get the drive to offer termination to the bus (but had no jumpers small enough so I had to fray a single power cable and grab a strand of copper wire and wrap the two poles together, which worked). After doing it, indeed it spun up and active terminator LED was glowing. Apple HD SC Setup still did not see the drive, tho SCSIProbe did.

    More searches revealed that Apple SC HD util will NOT format non-Apple drives. But you can hack the app with ResEdit to make it work. I grabbed ResEdit and dug into the util, patched it, and then ran it. It saw the drive. But it reported an error when I tried for format. Christ.

    So I found a 3rd party app called Lido that is quite user friendly and it indeed saw the drive and would allow me to issue a format command. I did, and after 50 minutes, the format stopped and the 2006MB HFS volume is now online. Will install system software on it to boot tonight.

    2GB is massive overkill (1GB is as well) for a Plus, but it was $15 for the drive. My towered Amiga 1200 w/ 1GB drive will need additional storage soon--will rip the 1GB from that MicroNet enclosure and work it that way. Nicer to work with a bit more modern a SCSI subsystem...

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    Congrats on your persistence! I take it you're not worried about voiding any warranties by doing all the work yourself ;)
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    Indeed not. The Mac Plus that these drives are connected to is at least 13 years old. The enclosure I have gutted / modified is of the same general age. The work itself is rather satisfying, if somewhat frustrating at times.

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    someday, i wanna be able to do that kind of stuff... right now, i can't even undersatnd some of your vocabulary!!

    :D :D

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    Dear Lord... blakespot never ceases to amaze me! :D
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    I spoke too soon, the Mac will not boot from this drive, tho it mounts fine when I boot from floppy. ARGHHH.


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