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Upgrading mini ram for first time

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Macatak60, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Any hints or suggestions about first time upgrade and teardown of my 2009 Mac mini. Is ifixit the best place for instructions? Thanks in advanced
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    Plenty of youtube videos as well. Is this your first time cracking a mini?
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    Yeah. I'm a little nervous

    Any advice?
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    Its unlikely you will break anything. The cracking noise of the clips can be a bit unnerving but no damage is being done. Make sure you remember to put all the connectors back that you undo.
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    Get a putty knife! I've used table knives before and its scuffed up the bottom. Although you can't see it, I still find it annoying as I know the marks are there.

    One side will be easier to undo, the 2nd side will be a little harder as the innards will be squished against the metal housing as it'll be at a weird angle. Have patience, its easy to do.

    When you're putting it back together, make sure that the ports are aligned with the case correctly. I've put mine back together before only to find that they're sticking out and no amount of pushing has got them back in again. You then have to go through the whole process of opening it up again. Do it slowly, make sure that everything is aligned before snapping it all back together again


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