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Upgrading Powerbook G4 12" Hard Drive

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kkachurak, Jul 10, 2007.

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    I just ordered a 160gb hard drive for my alum Powerbook G4 12".

    Before I go and do this myself, I wanted to make sure I have considered all the nessecary steps to ensure my data on my current drive can be swapped over so I don't have to start with a clean slate.

    Check my work, please:

    1. Remove old hard drive.

    2. Place old hard drive in external casing to be connected via firewire later.

    3. Install new drive.

    4. Start up Powerbook with old drive connected via external casing.

    5. Start my system using the external drive.

    6. Format the new internal drive.

    7. Copy over the entire contents of the old drive to the new drive.

    8. Disconnect. Restart. Voila.

    Is this correct? And how exactly do I go about executing step 5?

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    I realize that the actual process in removing and replacing the hard drive will not be easy, but I'm speaking terms of ensuring that all my data will not be wiped clean.

    In other words, when I load iTunes after the drive replacement, it will still have all the proper "date added" information for all songs... I don't want a library with all the songs added on the same date. That will totally ruin my playlists and my music management for my devices.

    That's only one example, obvoiusly.
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    When you install iTunes on the new drive just replace the iTunes folder with the one on your old drive, it should retain the same play counts and smart playlists.

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