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Upgrading to Mountain Lion (Nested Folders)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by newyorkcity, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I'm still running Lion since upgrading is usually takes time for me and I remember hearing something about not being able to use nested folders in Mountain Lion :confused:

    I didn't look more into it at the time, but I was wondering if this is true?

    The way I have my Mac Pro set up, I have a Boot drive which has the OS/Apps and I have 2 Data drives that hole all my files.

    My files on my data drive are split up like so:


    And in those folders its organized to be broken down a bit more by events.

    Would this type of structure be impossible with Mountain Lion?

    And finally, if the above is possible in Mountain Lion, then what is it that changed with the filesystem?
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    That would work exactly the same as it does in Lion. I'm not sure what you read about nested folders with Mountain Lion, I have several and they work fine.
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    I didn't even understand what the question was...care to enlighten me?
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    I believe OP was under the impression there is a problem with nested (sub) folders in Mountain Lion... like say my 2012 folder below.

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    heres an article that may help understand why i was confused

    but if all is fine then i will be upgrading soon!
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    Ah I see... yes it is setup somewhat to encourage just dumping everything together and using Spotlight to find things. But there is still nothing stopping you from nesting subfolders however you want. :)
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    What a stupidly-misleading article.
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    That article links to another article. If you read the comments on that article, you will see that this is all about iCloud storage yet neither article really states that. This is what comes from people when they write on a topic of which they are ignorant....


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