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Uptown Minneapolis, MN

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by cleric, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Store opens June 19th 2010.

    iPhone day on the 24th. Be there or be square!

    Now do I try and park there or just walk, decisions decisions.
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    I just heard about this store like 20 minutes ago when I tried to preorder an iPhone.

    This is interesting. Uptown isn't far from where I work, so I can check the place out when I'm in the area.
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    Did this store take iPhone 4 reservations? I reserved at Southdale. I wonder if they'd transfer my reservation... Southdale Mall doesn't open their doors until 7am that day, so there is no place to lineup.
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    Yes they did take reservations for iPhone 4, I pre-ordered mine there.
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    Are you going there tomorrow to get a free t-shirt?
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    June 19th or July 19th?
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    Southdale doesn't open til 7? I've got a reservation there, but I didn't plan on being there before 7 anyway. Should be interesting to see people racing across the mall trying to establish their place in line :D
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    The option for the Uptown store was greyed out for me and I was unable to select it. I preordered as soon as possible and completed order by 3:08 AM. How were you able to select uptown? I just drove by there too and they aren't done building it yet.
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    My response from Southdale Center:

    Hi Brandon,

    Mall doors at Southdale open at 7:00 am most days, unless it's a special holiday or the day after Thanksgiving. We keep this information on the website for your future reference.

    We are aware of the Apple Store product release, and we will keep our usual opening time of 7:00 am that day.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    Anne-Marie Cookson
    Director of Marketing & Business Development
    Simon Property Group/Southdale Center
    10 Southdale Center
    Edina, MN 55435
    Phone: (952) 925-7890
    Fax: (952) 925-7856
    E-mail: acookson@simon.com
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    I sure hope this new Apple store doesn't drive First Tech out of business. :( You'd think Apple could've picked another location that wouldn't compete with such a well established independent Apple retailer. They could have picked anywhere else in the Twin Cities (downtown Mpls, anywhere in St Paul) but no... they open up shop just a few blocks away from First Tech. Not nice.
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    I agree. Maple Grove would have been a good spot. First Tech rocks, and I hope they can hang in there.
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    I'll probably go to the opening if I can get up in time.

    I actually read that they have done this before forgot the article but other parts of the country that had a well established local retailer got an apple store. Its smart on Apples part just a little cutthroat especially to a place that has been selling computers for them since the Apple II. St. Paul would have been stupid but it seems like downtown would have been an ok idea, I'm not sure where though only thing thats readily available is Block-E which is readily available for a reason.
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    I'll be there around 6:30am to pick up my reserved iPhone.

    I think a good place for an Apple store would also be downtown on Nicollet Mall. There is plenty of space for one there, it would do pretty well there.
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    I agree with Maple Grove as a good location. They would get plenty of business in the Arbor Lakes area (which is 5 minutes from my house.;)).
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    What time do you have to get their for t-shirts? My friend said its like the first 50 people but hes highly unreliable. If I was more hardcore I would just go get blitzed and pass out in line.
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    Hi all!

    A couple of things.

    I was unable to pre order from the uptown store as well.

    Grand opening is tomorrow. I received an email that said the first 1,000 people will receive a tshirt. That came directly from apple.

    Got my pre order at southdale as well. No reason to be there anywhere near 7am, but will be there before 10am.

    See you all tomorrow at uptown!!!
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    I got the uptown opening email too. You'd think they would have handed out iTunes cards instead. I just can't get excited about a busy store opening for a t-shirt.

    As stated above, I hope this store doesn't kill First tech. Too bad it couldn't have been located more in the downtown area.
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    Just talked to the Apple employee here about phone reservations. Apparently their computers were up and down, when they were down you would get the greyed out option. He said that their was a window in the afternoon where you could reserve one. He did say they will have unreserved phones for sale, so this might be the place to go if you didn't get a reservation.

    Some photos from the opening, my iPhone apologizes for the poor quality.
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    I go out of state for 2 weeks and they open an Apple store in uptown? That's awesome, albeit the MoA location is closer to where I live. Thanks for sharing your photos cleric.
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    This guy thinks the line was for the iPhone launch...

    It was a great opening. We got our t-shirts, free Dunn Bros coffee & the Apple iPad case that we've been searching for. Couldn't have been a better morning!
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    CLERIC!!!! I am the guy in the grey long sleeve shirt in the first picture in your album next to my friend in the red haha. Pretty crazy
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    So what are my chances of showing up at Southdale at 7 on Thursday and coming out with a phone? I'd rather wait a few weeks than stand in line for 2 hours. Any advice??
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    I really think you would have better luck at Uptown which isn't that much farther. Since they didn't take as many pre-orders, but obviously I make no promises.
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    Is anyone going to the uptown location? What time would you guys suggest going if you did not preorder a phone? Do you think 4am would be early enough?

    anyone waited on release day before?

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