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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by EJBasile, May 18, 2005.

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    I had a password on my powerbook. Now I want to have it so that I don't need a password to use my computer (startup, downloads, etc).

    When I go to the account setup and try to delete the password it says ok but people will beable to get into your computer. I click ok and now it says the password is to short and that I need to put in a correct one, thus is continues to use my old password.

    How do I delete the password.

    I also tried to delete the password using the OS install disk but it didn't change the password.
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    Are you absolutely sure that after clearing the password you clicked the OK button? Because it defaults to Cancel. I just setup a test user on OSX 10.4.1, logged into it, logged out of it, created a password for it, logged in and out again, then deleted its password, logged in and out. All with no problems.
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    What's wrong with having a password? I remember the first Unix box I had came with no password for 'root'. My IBM guy told me that was BAD so I listened and learned. You should just forget your Windows ways and learn the new ways of security. It's called 'Authentication'. Use it. Unless of course you want to be the first to report a virus on OS X :eek:
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    Agreed. Leave the password there - you can do an auto-login at startup so you don't have to enter it then. But you shouldn't have an admin login with no password...
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    Well, you still have to hit enter if you're going to install programs, don't you?
    And I think it is really nice not having to write any password when using fast user switching!
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    I finally got rid of it.

    I did the disk reset password and this time it worked.

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    I just think it's unsafe. But then again, it depends on who has access to the system.

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