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Urgent help

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by dieselee89, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Guys I really need help here :(

    I bought my first ever Mac yesterday, it's a 13" MBA 4GB 128GB.
    So after trying to understand how to use a Mac (never used it before, been a windows user forever) I redeemed from the app store my copy of OS X Mountain Lion.
    As I have a very slow internet connection it took me 6 hours to download 1.4GB out of the 4.7GB. I thought of giving it a rest so paused the download as there was an option, and shut it down. Now when I turned it back on, it's starting from zero again :(

    I could really use some help here guys please anyone knows how to retrive the last download and begin back from where it was? after all it had a pause option :(
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    guys please need help urgently
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    Yes, there's a pause option, but you negated that by shutting down. You'll have to start from the beginning again.
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    oh God :(
    any other way I could download which will allow me to pause and shutdown?
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    Go to Starbucks, hook it up and stay there as long as you can. Pause when done. Then repeat the other day.
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    are you being sarcastic? :/
    I did pause but apparently it doesn't work if I shutdown my mac
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    Obviously, you shouldn't shut it down. The other guy already mentioned it.
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    The thing is I am not in States at the moment, the fastest internet connection I have is only of 1MB speed and it took around 6 hours for 1.3 GB of download out of 4.7 :/
    So is there any other way I could download it? I do have a PC that I don't power off so I can let it download there and then transfer it to my mac. Or I could just download on my mac only but with the option to pause the download, shut it down and then start again from where I left.
    If there's any other way I could deal it with please help me
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    Why do you have to power off your mac? If you need to change locations, just put it to sleep, that should keep the Pause feature of the download intact.
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    I am travelling a lot, moving from one location to another after every 3 to 4 hours and the trip can be any where from half an hour to 2 hours. I am in South Asia helping people in flood effected areas and due to the rough travelling and environment I put my mac in the bag when not using. I think putting it in the bag for over 2 hours while it's in sleep may damage it cause of over heating due to no ventilation
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    Is there anyway I can download it on a desktop PC which is powered on all the time?
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    No, the laptop is designed to be in an enclosed space while sleeping.
    (All of us are doing that all the time.)

    Yes, there are some bugs that can lead to the laptop waking up and not sleeping again, a.k.a. "hot backpack syndrome".
    Hasn't happened to me for a couple of years though.
    (And even then, the laptop survived with no discernible damage.)
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    Is it okay to leave my hardly two days old MacBook Air powered on for more than 20 Hours consecutively for the download to complete? Like no rest at all
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    Peter Harrison

    You've redeemed it, it's yours now when you're ready. Lion is a great OS, just use it during this demanding period of travel and then do the update when you're somewhere more practical. Your Air will still kick ass with Lion running on it.
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    Thanks man :) so no option of downloading it on a desktop PC which is on 24/7 ?
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    You could leave it on for years at 100% CPU usage and it's highly unlikely that anything "bad" would happen to it.

    Seriously, you're overthinking this purchase in every possible way.
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    How is this "urgent"?
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    Simple solution. Leave the OS as Lion until such time as you return to a place where your internet connection is faster. Lion works just fine. In fact, I have Mountain Lion operating on only one of three machines, Lion on the other two.

    No emergency or urgent need at all.
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    I don't think this will work, but you could try it. I mean -- bits are bits, but I suspect the App Store expects to find a qualified Mac at the download end, and will refuse anything else.

    I think it will fail right away if it's going to fail at all, so you lose almost nothing by trying.

    But Peter Harrison is right. Lion is just fine. Do the upgrade later.

    And good luck with your work.
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    Yes that's fine. Computers are built to be turned on and don't need "rest."

    In the meantime, if you have a slow connection, just stick with Lion if you need to. The user interface is virtually identical, so you won't need to "unlearn" anything. Now that you've redeemed your code, you can download Mountain Lion at any time once you get a faster connection back.
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    Thanks all of you. I sort of freaked out in the beginning as I have never used a Mac before it's been hardly two days now.
    So I was about to transfer my music and photos from my Western Digital 1TB MyBook and when I connected it to my MBA it didn't show up. Some windows/mac format difference?
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    You could leave it powered on and running for 20 months without a problem. You don't need to baby it.

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