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Urgent iBook Help

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by zioxide, May 8, 2007.

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    I'm having problems when trying to boot my iBook from the OS X install CD. I put the CD in and then rebooted while holding C but nothing happens. The computer just shows a folder with a question mark.
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    Can you boot to the installed OS? And then, can you put the install disc in, and does it appear that way? Which OS are you running, and what version OS install disc do you have?
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    I just installed a new hard drive, but it booted to the OS fine before installing it.

    It's an iBook G4 1.33Ghz, and i'm trying to reinstall with the CDs that came with the laptop.

    I've tried holding C when starting up, and nothing happens, and I've tried holding option, and the CD doesn't show up.
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    Reset PRAM by holding :apple: -Option-P-R. You will hear a second boonnngggg. Try holding down the option key after that.
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    Just tried resetting the PRAM then booting via option again. Still nothing. Could there be a problem with the disk? The CD drive works fine, I've used it before.
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    ugh this sucks. should i take it to the apple store tomorrow?
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    A new harddrive would have no OS on it, so there's nothing to boot to. That still doesn't explain why you can't boot up to the CD, though. You might check your installation for a loose cable or something. Was it a new harddrive?

    Apple is going to charge you for a visit and diagnosis.

    The Apple Discussion Boards are helpful, you could search there as well.
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    Anyone have any idea how much they charge?
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    Well I went to the Apple Store a couple hours ago and the guy didn't know why the CD wasn't showing up. He booted off an external firewire and the CD showed up fine in Finder, but wouldn't show up as a boot option. So he just installed OS X off of a firewire drive. So I'm good to go :)
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    Did they charge you?
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    Nope :D
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    So everything is working fine now. Correct?
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    Wow, that's great!!! :apple: :D :) :apple:

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