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URGENT - Macbook pro won't boot from OSX CD

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by bobbydudeman, Aug 10, 2011.

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    i have a late 2008 unibody aluminum macbook. around february my HD got jammed for some reason, and my computer stopped working :(. in april i bought a new HD in taiwan, and when i got back home, tried installing OSX 10.6 onto it from a macbook pro CD. it got to the installer, but told me that the OS could not be installed, so i completely forgot about it. but last night i came across my original CD which came with the macbook, and tried booting from it by pressing C on startup, but it sent me to a grey screen with a flashing folder icon with a question mark, and i can't get the CD out of the drive. how do i get it to boot from the CD? my warranty expired in january, and i don't want to pay ripoff prices for someone to show me how to press a button...

    any suggestions?

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    first off you should put the new hard drive in an enclosure and if you have another mac you need to format to a mac journaled (HFS) setup so it can read the disk, then you should be able to install the OS from the cd on to the macbook by holding down the c button on startup.
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    Simply formatting the drive is not going to fix your problem.

    Hold down the option key. It'll show a list of volumes it thinks it can boot from. It'll likely just have your DVD. Boot from it.

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