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US Air Force Agrees to Purchase $9 Million Worth of iPads

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 2, 2012.

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    The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $9.36 million contract to purchase as many as 18,000 iPad 2s, according to Bloomberg. The plan is to replace bulky and heavy flight bags full of navigational charts and other materials with iPads in order to reduce the weight of pilots' bags and save fuel on flights.

    The Air Mobility Command, which is purchasing the iPads, provides transport and refueling services using C-5, C-17, and C-130 cargo planes, and KC-10 and KC-135 tankers.

    A number of airlines have begun testing iPads to replace heavy flight bags, including United, Delta, American, and the Marine Corps.

    The iPads will streamline pilots' work by eliminating the need for thumbing through sheafs of paper or waiting for pages to print. The iPads will reduce clutter on cramped flight decks and offer quick and easy access to required data at all times.

    Article Link: US Air Force Agrees to Purchase $9 Million Worth of iPads
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    Well that's one way for Apple to clear out all their iPad 2 stock ahead of next week's release.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. It's a win for Apple on both parts. Clearing out inventory and obtaining $9 million worth of revenue.
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    Why don't they just start using better technology in their plane instrument panels. I'm sure most that stuff is heavy :rolleyes:
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    They should wait a week and buy the iPad 3.
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    That's a lot of iPad's! Now the Pentagon is going to write new policies for locking them down and restricting their use so that they're almost useless.
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    they have to test all this **** for months bro.


    They have to lock them down so they're secure bro. they'll use private networks and all kinds of ****, and it may be annoying but it's VERY important.
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    I can't wait for new aircraft to come with ipad dock connectors. :)
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    Shows that the military doesn't subscribe to MacRumors. I'd be mad if I spent $600 on a device that was made obsolete a week later, not to mention several million!
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    I agree. Retina displays would make a big difference when viewing flight data.

    Isn't that kinda the point? They aren't so pilots can play angry birds...Don't worry, they will make them very useful for the jobs they are intended.
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    That's $520 per iPad… Looks like negotiation isn't one of the Air Force's strong points!
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    I'm former military myself so I know what it's all about. I was being sarcastic in my remark.
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    Two important quotes from the article:

    Btw, the USAF group that awarded the contract was the transport guys:

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    Yup, though the purchases won't happen right away, and I'm betting Apple continues selling the iPad 2.

    They are not buying the 16GB WiFi model, though I'd bet the price point of the iPad 2 is going to drop. It's possible the deal will allow them to purchase iPad 3 as well since the actual purchases are still pending.
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    D'ya think they'll ensure they switch 'em off during take-off & landing like the rest of us? :)
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    Drop in the bucket...

    This paves the way for future Government purchases... which is great, but to put this in perspective, in the grand scheme of things this amounts to about $0.009/share revenue for AAPL shareholders, or at 44% profit, about $0.004/share, so dont go getting too excited about it...
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    Like people here read the linked articles before replying.

    The publicity Apple receives because of stories like these is worth millions.
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    Now they need to refit the jets for iPod compatibility :p
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    The military spending millions of dollars on obsolete technology? Shocking! :eek:
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    One model away from newest hardware and the current OS is not even close to obsolete.
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    Just make sure the battery is charged before takeoff! :D
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    Well to be fair, the military and governments in general do not make snap decisions to buy anything.

    The Air Force and Pentagon probably have had this on the burner for months in committee and study before they decided to purchase. Plus Apple likely provided them a quote, for the current available product, quite some time ago. All long before the iPad 3 rumors started. Plus they can't plan to buy a product that hasn't been announced yet.
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    or get their data throttled like the rest of us :)
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    they should have waited until the iPad 3

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