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USA Netflix from other countries

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Dc2006ster, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Has anyone used UnoTelly to access USA Netflix from other countries? How did it work out? Any issues I should be away of?
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    Not familiar with that service, but Unblock Us works brilliantly and it's only $5/month.

    Unblock Us is nice because you don't need a VPN-capable router to use it. You just enter the DNS address directly into your Apple TV.

    If you don't have an Apple TV, then any VPN service will work. I use Hide My Ass VPN on my iPad to watch Netflix USA and then Airplay it to my Apple TV. Works fine.
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    unblock us is what i use as well. so far so good getting hulu, usa netflix, nfl gametime, abc, nbc, espn3 and some others im probably forgetting. best 5$ a month i pay
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    Looks like UnoTelly might be a better value at $4/month. Try it out for free and see how well it works.
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    How do you watch espn3? Do you also watch NBA?
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    Another unlock US user, works great for my use. NFL, MLB, Hulu and Netflix are all I tried thus far.
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    espn 3 on the website, i also watch nba league pass yes, but i cant figure out how to access it on ATV app, i just stream from my iPad and use spoofer (jailbreak app) to unlock the location restrictions
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    Got ya
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    I'm in the same boat. I just moved to South Korea and want to watch Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc without slowing down my Internet. Is unblock us for me?
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    Try it they have a free trial.
  11. ibookster, Dec 16, 2012
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    Thanks for this. I do not watch ESPN, NBA etc.. only Netflix. I am giving UnoTelly a try and so far am impressed. I have it set up on my desktop, laptop, iPad and PS3. It was very easy to setup. Once the trial runs out I may try Unblock Us.
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    UnoTelly is AWESOME!

    Try UnoTelly if you are looking for a great solution! You can view content in over 10 countries including Netflix. Simple to set up and use, with a quickswitch to other regions. Couldn't be easier. You get a free 8 day trial and all you need is an email and a first name to get it for you newcomers. I use it and haven't looked back!
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    Another very satisfied Unblock Us user here. They also have guides for how to use your non-US credit card in order to subscribe to Netflix.

    For Hulu Plus, it's a little bit trickier. The trick that gets Netflix to authorize your CC doesn't seem to work for Hulu, or at least it didn't for me. But you can also subscribe to Hulu through your US iTunes Store account. I do this and then I pay for iTunes purchases by buying gift cards online and redeeming the points in my account (I use OffGamers.com but there are tons of sites that will sell the gift card codes).

    The nice thing about Unblock Us compared to other VPNs is that it's not really a VPN, so it doesn't affect your speeds like a standard VPN. The downside is that it only kicks in when you're accessing these services they support, so if you plan to use it to surf the web anonymously, it's not going to help you with that.
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    Yes, works great here in Australia
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    If you use Chrome then get the extension "MediaHint"
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    I second this. Used UnoTelly for a year now with absolutely no problems. You can choose what country's Netflix you want to watch. I find that the TV Shows are better on the UK version than the USA version but the movies are the opposite!
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    if you already have a netflix account for your home country, you don't need a seperate account for other countries content. ie. im in canada and pay for canadian netflix with my cad cc, when i use unblock us i get us content on my canadian registered account.
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    ? doesn't Netflix already know you are Canadian subscriber?
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    doesnt matter, if you're a canadian user, and go visit the states and login from there, you get american content, so you're effectively doing the same thing with unblock or unotelly, just still in canada

    also, i dont know about unotelly, but with unblockus you can pick what region netflix you want, and constantly rotate through them, meaning you dont need different netflix accounts for each switch
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    Really? That's interesting, I'll have to try this out. I've seen some stuff available in other countries that's not on the US version.
  22. ibookster, Sep 10, 2013
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    I use unblock us. Honestly USA Netflix is better, but the novelty quickly wears off and then you begin to wonder why you're paying a monthly fee for Netflix.
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    Using Unblockus, I find I switch between American, Canadian and British Netflix more than I thought I would. Both CAN & UK Netflix get certain theatrical films more quickly than US Netflix, and UK gets the new Breaking Bad episodes right after its shown on US TV on Sunday. US Netflix has more TV shows overall but UK has many British shows that don't make it over here.

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