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USA tax free weekend for online purchases??

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by marrzie, Jul 23, 2011.

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    So tax free weekend in the USA coming soon. Will they allow me to order on www.apple.com and get tax free as well? In North Carolina by the way.
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    There is the tax free law for NC. You are so lucky compared to a New Yorker like me. We only get tax breaks on things like clothing and shoes and who needs those? :mad: The computer will definitely qualify but I would still go buy from a physical retail store just in case to prevent all the hassle if they charge you tax online. You can still try it online though since you will see your total before you confirm the order, if they don't charge you tax then you are good to go.
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    Thanks a lot. I was only checking in case my local stores dont have the i7 model in stock.
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    I live in TN, and we have the tax-free weekend as well, with no tax on computers up to $1500. I bought my present Air online (a refurb 2008) from the Apple Store, and was not charged tax. You should be fine buying online if the purchase qualifies in NC.
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    I bought mine on the 22nd- I live in Oklahoma and our tax day is the 5th of August which makes it land on day 14 from the day I purchased it. Can I get Apple to refund the tax?
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    just to be safe you can return it on the 13th day and then buy another on the tax free day. that way you can be sure instead of finding out later that Apple won't refund it because it wasn't purchase on that exact day. Since technically you only qualify for tax exempt on the specified days you are doing a pretty big gamble.
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    Ok- but I purchased it online and with Barclay financing- how does that factor into the return and then buy again scenario? What I also wonder is if someone has had any experience with getting the tax credited back by calling into Apple about it?
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    I actually have no clue since I've never done financing anything other than a car or home, but its really just applying for a credit card right? If you return they'll just credit it back to your barclays card and you can use it again to purchase.
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    Did you go to the one at Green Hills in Nashville? I think I'll do the same but I want to know how crowded it got and if they ran out of stock.

    Do you still get the printer rebate in stores?
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    I ordered my present Air online from the Apple Store in 2009, during the TN tax-free weekend in August. Mine's a refurb, and has been great. I've never been to the Apple Store in Nashville, but I've been to the one in Knoxville at West Town Mall many times, and it's always crowded. I don't know anything about the printer rebate.
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    That's the only new model they have right now, and I think I'm going to go for the 13". According to their website, they charge sales tax in Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, and Washington.
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    Going back to OP's original question - I think you can order online and get it tax free in NC. Seems like I remember that being the case in years past at least. I'm in the same situation but for a different reason, I just hate having the hassle of dealing with the stores on the tax free days.
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    Are you sure computer purchases are included in Oklahoma's tax free day's sales tax exemptions? :confused:
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    Computer purchases are not included in Oklahoma's tax free days


    Only clothing and shoes under $100

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