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USA Today Article - Mac vs. Microsoft: The Musical

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 20, 2004.

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    HP will most likely update the firmware in their music players so that it can play protected AAC's. So this seems like a non-issue.

    Secondly, IMO, if consumers get confused why they can't play their songs on their music player, they're going to get mad when they find that not all the songs they download have the same DRM-scheme. For example, if they get to burn unlimited CDs from one company (which they like) and only 5 from someone else (this they don't like so much), it's going to make them mad.

    It seems like Apple has DRM that doesn't act like DRM. How they got this from the music companies is amazing.
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    This is really no different from us Mac users not being able to run Windows software on our Macs. You have a minority device, and you end up with incompatibilities.
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    That was my thought too. I think HP has enough sense to update their Pocket PCs to allow people to play AACs on them.
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    this is getting silly really i mean wtf dose it matter. if you like a song just convert it to mp3. then you can use it were ever the hell you like simple as that...
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    I agree, and from there APPLE and MS should support all three, AAC,WMA, and MP3. Damn what ever happend to choice.
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    Typical FUD from USAtoday

    Anyone who takes what they read in a rag like USAtoday seriously gets what they deserve. However, as one would expect, the FUD serves Microsoft's interests.

    Obviously anyone can take a track they've downloaded from the iTMS, burn it to a CD, then rip it into any format they want and play it on any device they want. But the naive reader of the USAtoday piece will now think twice about buying from the iTMS or buying an iPod.

    I often wonder if the people at USAtoday are really clueless, or are they paid to make the dimwits that buy their paper feel smart.

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    FYI, you can't change the songs you buy from iTunes to MP3s. I get a error messege when i try to do that.

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