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USA Today reviews Xserve

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by peter2002, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Things like Xserve will hopefully get more IT managers to take Apple more seriously. Apple has many corporate computing hardware and software like Xserve, WebObjects, etc. that they need to promote heavily. Many reviewers have written glowing reviews (bordering on love letters) for many of these tools. With so many Linux and Unix switchers, it's time that Apple let more people know that OS X is ready for business.
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    Other than on their own website, and through independant reviews, does Apple even advertise this? I have never seen a print ad, or anything along those lines.
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    I'm surprised by this as well, I wonder how well the Xserves are actually selling so far.
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    Well the Xserve must be selling well because they released the Xserver RAID.
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    Well the Xserve raid is for a slightly different clientel. they were always going to release an Xraid (people need them, like us).

    But yeah, i can see it now... Jeff Goldblum : "The Xserve RAIDhold your entire colleges files on this beautiful unit, and it can sing too"... :)
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    Re: USA Today reviews Xserve

    wow quite a rave review. although i knew from what you asid ti would be positive, i was still surprised by this guy's enthusiasm for the xserve.
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    Re: Re: USA Today reviews Xserve

    Well, he also owns and writes for a website called macnightowl.com. So, I'm not suprised why the review was so favorable. I'm not saying the XServe isn't great...just that he's a mac guy to begin with.
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    Re: Re: Re: USA Today reviews Xserve

    Very true. I would like to have a hard core but open-minded Unix system admin to review the Xserve and compare it to other types of servers. I think that will be the real test for Xserve.
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    I've seen a few ads for Mac OS X and business, Mac OS X as a UNIX operating system and things like that. They look good but I've yet to see an ad on XServe..maybe Linux magazines have them...ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, InternetWorld.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: USA Today reviews Xserve

    i think it would hold its own actually. why? cause if you cant GUI it then you can terminal it.
    its simple.
    you must be careful though, you may cause him to switch :)
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    Ah, yes. They advertise the Xserve in publications that people who buy servers read.

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