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USB 2 PCI card for Powermac G4 advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bigbird, Oct 27, 2007.

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    I'd like to have USB 2 on my Powermac G4 733 Digital Audio, OS 10.4.10 Any suggestions/tips on what type of USB 2 PCI card to get? Does it need to say Mac compatible, or can I grab any PCI card off ebay for $5?
    TIA for any suggestions.
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    Unless it specifically says it's NOT Mac-compatible, the key specs to look for are "OHCI" & "EHCI" compliance......the majority of cards meeting those 2 specs will work in most macs running OS X, since the drivers, extensions and protocols are built into the core of the OS.

    I would suggest skipping the ebay bargin bin/peecee crapola cards and just flop down about $15 for a brand new Belkin or D-Link card. No worries that way plus warranty & return possibilities too.....they are available just about everywhere, wallyworld, bustbuy, & most office supply stores too :)
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    Thank you. Off to Wallyworld and/or Staples this afternoon.
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    glad to help........please post back with details of your little venture :)
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    I went to Staples. $59.99 for a Belkin -----> ouch!
    I went to Futureshop $59.99 for a Dynex -----> ouch!
    I bought a generic no-name on eBay, $3.45 + $6 shipping -----> cheap!
    I'll let you know when I receive and install it. If it works, I'm a winner. If not, no big deal. It was from an auction house in Canada. I just got really pissed off with the local retailer's prices and decided to gamble.
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    thanks smurf for taht info. i was about to create a thread jsut like this. guess i don't have to now. i was wanting the same thing and i found one on ebay as well, a 6 port with 2 of them internal, one for my bluetooth adapter and the other for the usb network adapter.
    USB 2.0 compliant Host Card
    Supports high speed (480Mbits/sec.), full speed (12Mbits/sec.), and low speed (1.5Mbits/sec.)
    Supports legacy keyboard and mouse
    Compliance with PCI specifications revision 2.2
    Supports 32-bits host interface and 33MHz PCI Bus clock
    High performance PCI bus master

    will be waiting for bigbird's progress.
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    Please let me know what you ended up getting and if it worked, as I am in the same scenario. I just bought one, said it would work with a mac and it had no documentation. Online it said to download a driver that didn't exist anymore.

    The next one I got says on the box that it is mac safe, but online says it is pc only. What a nightmare.

    Good luck!
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    Just my update, but I bought an ADS USB 2.0 cardbus adapter, has 4 USB 2.0 ports.

    Worked like a charm. Put it in, attached my iphone and worked great.

    Previous two didn't, one was a macsense and the other was a different brand (can't remember).

    Set me back 28.
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    Got my generic no-name USB2 PCI card today. I installed it into PCI slot 5 of my PowerMac G4 in about 30s. It worked perfectly after restarting, no drivers needed, and now I've got USB2. The best $3.50 I've ever spent on a computer part.
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    cool, now just keep your fingers crossed & hope it lasts more than a few months and/or doesn't start causing strange system errors :D
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    I had a generic cheapy PC usb card that didn't work with my G4. It had a Via VT6212 chipset, so stay away from those.

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