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USB 3.0 to Be Unveiled on November 17th

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 6, 2008.

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    reason enough for me to hold off on getting a new laptop

    5Gbits/sec wow
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    And elsewhere it says that it won't be finished until next year and products only in 2010.
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    Sources for this?
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    That's the timing for the specification that appeared anywhere you looked at for USB3.

    tgdaily just published an article today. The November event is a "first detailed look at the specification" for hardware developers.
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    I probably just didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find if it's using the same connector or will it be new?

    I still think if Firewire 800 could have used the same connector as 400 it would have been more widely used.
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    the first 5-6 google responses for usb 3.0 say 2009 or 2010 for USB 3.0 products, which to me means anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, but 1 year 2 months to 2 years 1 month (beginning of 2010 to end of 2010) seems to be on the outside of the estimate and I didn't find any sources (true it was just a quick search but still...) that said it was completely out of the question for USB 3.0 products to be released in 2009
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    It's kind of complicated...


    Basically, the system is fully backwards compatible (like USB2 systems can use USB 1.x devices) but not forwards compatible (AFAICS, the USB3 male plugs cannot be inserted into USB 1-2 female ports), for electrical USB connections. There also appears to be a forthcoming USB3 optical connector, about which I don't know too much.

    So it'll be a better situation than FW800 -- you'll be able to plug your USB2 devices into your USB3 ports, and you won't need more than one kind of USB port. But you won't be able to use USB3 devices at step-down functionality level on USB2 computers.
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    If it's a first look, it's a draft, not a finished specification.

    Tektronix is the first provider of test tools for USB3 and they are expecting consumer products for 2010.
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    should be interesting
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    This is probably why Apple dropped the FireWire off of the Macbooks. They don't want people to use FireWire anymore so that when USB 3.0 comes out, all the devices will use that as a standard.
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    WOW 3.0 I going to be amazing I just hope that we can still use 2.0 flash drives because I don't want to pay to replace my 4 2.0's for 3.0 I mean I put a lot of money into getting those
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    Doesn't make sense to drop FireWire now if you don't have USB 3.0 yet.
    When all HD cameras and high speed external hard drives come out with USB 3.0 support, you still won't be able to use it on the current MacBook.
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    Unless Apple Some how has already got usb 3.0 in the Macbook and it is just not enabled. It would not surprise me to see apple do something like this.
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    With a magical old connector and an unfinished specification?
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    Hmm WUSB, and USB 3, alongside FW update too - I wonder if any of these would actually hit WWDC announced Macs?
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    I kind hope they change the shape of the connector.. im forever trying to plug in usb cables the wrong way round when plugging things in at the back or side of the computer without looking. Normal usb connectors just arent keyed very well
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    By the time USB 3.0 comes out (2010 probably) you can get a 32GB flash drive for $50. I was recently tempted to get a 16GB one for $80 at Office Max.

    Side bar...is there a ceiling on the capacity of those things (flash drives)? I remember being excited about a 128MB one I got for $40 in 2002. Six years later $40 buys you 16GB, or 56 times as big. Will we see 128GB someday in flashdrives? 16TB? 1PB? Am I being ridiculous?
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    Theoretically, will it be possible to use target disk mode between two Macs with USB 3.0?
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    then you'll be waiting quite a while because it ain't happening anytime soon.

    life's too short to be waiting. get a new laptop now and enjoy it now. you can always sell it later.
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    This is hopeful, certainly possible, and would indeed be quite awesome. If not, then a port upgrade would be a welcomed solution.

    Not at all - PMC memory - Programmable Metallization Cell memory, or nano-ionic memory, has been developed to counteract the physical limits of current memory storage technology. PMC will be a 1,000 times more efficient than existing flash memory and will exponentially increase the memory capacities of USB drives, digital cameras, laptops and MP3 players. It won't be long before we see products incorporating the new technology. (6-8 months) PMC has attracted interest from several memory vendors, including Micron Technology, Samsung, Sony and IBM. I'm greatly looking forward to 4TB USB memory sticks, which will likely be far more reliable for media backup than current solid state flash memory is.
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    hhmm this is very interesting!

    at the current rate of HD's i dont really see this as a positive, as they are limited by the actual HD's themselves.

    for flash drives and the like it will be absolutely awsome! i wonder what the actual throughput of it will be like, i can't wait to see actual testing of it compared to fw800,1600 & 3200.

    havent read anything about how USB3's CPU usage is or anything, i am awaiting the results though!!!!
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    Analog Kid

    Please tell me USB3 isn't all CPU controlled, like previous versions of USB. To my mind, that's one of the biggest advantages of FireWire...
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    Yeah I dont think there is even a PB size yet
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    To put it in perspective, Facebook has about one PB of pictures stored on their servers. Imagine carrying every single one of those pictures with you on a thumbdrive. Not going to happen anytime soon.

    I would still like to know if target disk mode is possible between two computers with USB 3.0.

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