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USB cable question

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by eidimon, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I apologize in advance if my question seems a bit silly, but is the usb cable that comes with the ipad 2 the same with the one shipped with the iphone 4?
    They definitely look the same, and i think i might have mixed them up.
    Furthermore, if it's the same, then there's no difference in charging time, and i can use one for both devices.
    (I barely use the adapters, i almost always use my imac's usb ports)
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    The cable it self is the same however the adapter is different and the iPad adapter will charge both as where the iPhone adapter will not charge the iPad. As far as USB ports go on computers, most will not charge your iPad because it requires higher voltage.
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    Ok thanks.
    Then, I think i'm all right.
    As far as the USB ports are concerned I don't think there's any problem, as I use macs.
    I just wasn't quite sure if there was any difference in the cable.
    Once again, thank you very much
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    Unless you're using the most recent macbook pro, the usb port doesn't put out enough juice to charge the iPad, at least not in a decent amount of time.
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    Well, I am using an iMac, and it doesn't seem to take that long (at least not as long as I read it takes for some people)
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    If you have a newer iMac, then it has a USB port that can output 10v (what the iPad requires). Most USB ports on macs are the traditional 5v (not enough to charge the iPad fast). You will see your iPad charge slower on a usb port with 5 v (I would say 10 hours to charge).
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    My late 08 MacBook does have the old ports, so charging takes quite some time.
    But my iMac's ones are just fine

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