USB floppy disk striped RAID on Mac OS X

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2004.

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    I debated changing the tag on this to be "humor" simply because I haven't stopped laughing yet...
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    This is old I heard about this quite some time ago, still funny, I want someone to make and iPod Raid.
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    I'm sorry but he did that floppy raid at least a year ago, and it was all over the web. Why bring it back?
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    that's frickin' awesome!!!
    lol... wish i had some usb floppy drives now...
    this dude is obsessed with RAID

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    I actually set up iPod raid not too long ago... had three 10GB iPods. It was uber-1337.
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    Cool :)

    (No need to click on a story if it's old news to you. And no reason to expect exclusively brand-new info from a site whose entire content is volunteer-submitted links. Not everyone may know about everything that's ever been on the Web, or when it first appeared. That means older stories will slip through--and could still be of interest. It's a harmless use of one line at MacBytes.)
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    Nice, he should try with USB 2.0 - watch out that was the doors just blowing off! I think my favorite line is

    "but there is something special and amazing about the speed of this floppy cluster. It is really cool when you access the drives the way they flash each light and spin in no particular order that I can discern."
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    because *I* haven't seen it yet, and maybe Mudbug knew that and threw it up there for me.

    And so what if it's old. It's not like it's the Dancing Baby, Bill Gates getting Pied or All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

    (Someone set us up the bomb!)
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    ... and this is the first time I have seen it too - it gave me a good laugh.
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    This article proves that Mac OS X is capable of making a RAID array out of just about anything, be it floppies, flash memory cards, or iPods. Heck, you could probably do it with Zip disks, too - if you had enough drives.
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    Hmmm I'm just wondering if this would be possible with a bunch of powerbooks in target disk mode, now that would be a crazy raid :rolleyes:
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    so do the disks in a RAID have to be the same exact size and the same format? (ie 1 128 MB CF, a floppy, and a 4MB MS)

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    You're mad! MAD I SAY!

    That WOULD be rather neat.... though.
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    I bet in another 10 years, in the back of some Mac fixit shop, we'll see just that... and running Longhorn on VPC
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    How? are there Firewire hubs out there?
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    What useless gibberish...

    (disclaimer: I've read it thoroughly, fed my addiction to macrumors news/rumors, and already posted on this once)

    ...who wastes their time contemplating ways to make a RAID disc, without a real USE for it?? ~sigh~
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    What fun! I still have a soft spot for floppies. Not sure if it's in my heart or in my head. :)
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