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USB on G3 Powerbook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Togglehead, Mar 21, 2006.

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    is there a way? System is in the sig
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    Yes, via any Type IIPCMCIA card that supports your OS. Always post specs about your computer when asking question, make, model, memory, etc...
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    so they ARE PCMCIA slots....hmmm thats good to know.

    I will in the future....usually i just leave the system specs in the sig and eliminate all that typing.....but ill be sure to include more in the future

    thanks again!!!

    Im hooked on the forum now....i gots a lot to learn about macs and you guys seem not only knowledgable...but quick in response too.....thats good.....top notch forum so far guys!!!!
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    man..i have REALLY gotta get OS9 on this thing....lol
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    You could also get a USB 2/FireWire combo card for twice the fun.
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    happy to help.
    not that you even need to be knowledgeable..
    just enough to use EveryMac, Apple, OWC and Google ;)
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    heh heh...google and i get alone very well....but you gotta know what to look for...this mac world is SO foreign....

    Im working on it!!!!! =D

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