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USB To MIDI Adaptor Wanted

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by fastlanephil, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I'm interested in a USB to MIDI adaptor so you can convert the USB out from a controller to standard MIDI out.

    This is for using a Akai EWI USB wind controller for breath and a keyboard for playing the notes.

    I watched a video of a pro using the Yamaha WX5 wind controller, which has MIDI out, with a keyboard and it worked pretty slick but the WX5 is expensive.

    I've seen demos of a few home solder job units but nothing commercial.
  2. fastlanephil, Sep 29, 2012
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    I did find a couple of these devices. The least expensive is made by Kenton in the UK and is $113 USD.

    Shipping from the UK to the west coast brings it up to $151.

    Maybe someone in the states will carry it.
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    A number of USB devices provide MIDI i/o as well. I have several: Yamaha MotifES6 and S90ES (MIDI i/o), and M-Audio Trigger Finger (MIDI out only). I'm sure there are many others. Perhaps you can find a device that will provide you with more utility than a simple USB-MIDI converter.

    There used to be a ton of cheap USB to MIDI converters. MOTU, MAudio, etc. I haven't checked lately. If you plan on using a computer, Most DAWs do auto-channelizing.

    Breath controllers are VERY cool.
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    This is easy to do if you have a computer. Have the computer loop the MIDI In back to MIDI Out.

    Pluge the keyboard into the Mac using a USB cable then you buy an inexpensive "Uno" type usb/MIDI cable and I think you can conect them inside the audio/midi setup app. If not you can route in Logic.

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