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usb to rca out

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by windowsblowsass, Apr 4, 2004.

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    anyone know a device that will give me rca out put from usb
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    umm, i don't think USB has nearly enough bandwidth for component video/audio transfer... there used to be a device called the Buzz by Iomega, it might provide USB connectivity, don't remember.

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    There is a device that does that, the eskape labs myview. I bought it off ebay about a year agoand it is difficult to use. If you would like more information i'll be glad to help. :)
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    i am unaware of some options, however, I have an RCA->USB INPUT device, but that same device cannot do output. so i'm not sure. sorry!
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    is eskape still in buisness? their site hasnt been updated in 2 years oh did u know one of the brady bunch kids owns it ne way is it my view or myvideo /c i cant find any my view
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    usb 1.1 and 2.0 both have plenty of bandwidth for audio. Digidesign makes 24 bit USB in/out desks for Protools, so i would say that its not a b-platform.
    the m-audio transit is optical/digital i/o so thats not what you want.

    now the Edirol UA-1X is a good device and i can vouch for it.
    http://www.audiomidi.com/common/cfm/product.cfm?pid=4130 $79
    the UA-1X is an update of the old UA-1A, and it is worlds better in terms of configurability, stability, and reliability.

    Now what machine are you needing this for? if your machine has a 1/8" input, then a shielded 1/8" to RCA converter ($5-$10 @ radio shack) would give you the same audio quality. and with that in mind, the Griffin iMic with the aforementioned converter would all together run you $50 tops and would be the best deal.

    if you are using this to convert a vinyl record collection, you would also need a preamp as RCA USB cards are line level, not phono level.
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    im planning on chopping up an imac g3 for us in a car see herehttp://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=781812#post781812
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    in that case, radio shack... 1/8" male to RCA converter or you may be able to find a cable with those connections to the length you want.. usually around $5
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    I might have to disagree. It will work OK, but honestly, the stock Apple Digital/Analog output/input convertors are not really that great. They are sloppy in the low and midrange, and lackluster on the high end. If you want this for any reason other than BASIC home audio use (like listening to mp3's on a low-end home system), you might honestly want to buy a dedicated USB audio interface. As other people have posted, there are some inexpensive options you can consider that will give you a HUGE jump in quality over the OEM Apple output jack. Go to Guitar Center and ask the Pro Audio dept (or check out Sam ash.com).
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    The iMic does a great job with RCA input and output
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    My teacher had one of those Escape things connected to his 500mhz iMac g3 and it was horrible- slow response time- IN APPLEWORKS PRESENTATION

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