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Used 15" G4 1.67GHz PowerBook vs new MacBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Moo-Boo, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Gee whiz, this is probably going to be messier than a vomiting competition at Oktoberfest, but here goes anyway.

    The next couple of months will see me upgrade my 15" 1GHz PowerBook to something more powerful and modern...either a new MacBook (white or black, I haven't decided) or a fairly new but still used 1.67GHz PowerBook (released Oct. '05).

    What complicates the issue are new OS and software being released, price and size of screen.

    The final PowerBook was a beautiful machine and had a nice 128MB graphics card, along with backlit keyboard and bright display. By the time I have saved up enough money (4 to 6 weeks) one will cost me less than $2000 (AU).

    The MacBook, from what I can tell, is more powerful...in fact, it has the same SpeedMark score as my 1.9GHz G5 iMac. For a consumer laptop, that's fast. But it will cost more, have a smaller screen and that evil integrated GMA graphics. Besides that, the pretty girl at the Mac shop told me it was more suited for kids and that I should go for the MacBook Pro. No RTCW for me. "Sorry honey," I thought, "I'm not that rich!"

    But new MacBooks are scheduled for release in April/May and, worse (or better, depending on your viewpoint), all new Macs will be sporting Leopard and iLife '07! To get these separately will set me back not much less than $400.

    Thus, you can see how it's messy. I like my games and large, bright screens, but I would like new hardware with nice new software. At this point, I think I am doomed.:eek: But thank you very much for your patience and indulgence by reading my rant.

    Take care everybody,

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    Have you considered a refurbished MacBook Pro, they can be had for not much more than a new MacBook. :)
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    But doesn't a new macbook have a faster prosessor?:confused: and more ram...
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    yeah. he pointed that out. & the ram? they both can hold 2GB RAM.

    :confused: :rolleyes:
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    Oh my. Had a salesperson said that to me, I would have told them that's laughable and then asked if they thought I was stupid. I'd also then have to think about whether or not she's a moron. Then I would leave.

    There are many games that will play perfectly fine on the MB, so it depends on which you plan to play. For most things, the evil integrated graphics work very well.
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    Solitaire being one of those games? :p ;) :D :cool:
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    No, I hadn't actually. Apart from the first edition of the MBP being buggy and hot enough to fry an egg...it certainly is worth thinking about. Hmm. Thanks for that!

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    Refurb MBPs are scarce on the Apple.com.au refurb store. They had a 17" 2.16CD model for AU $3049 You might have more luck at another seller/reseller.

    The refurb Powerbooks they're offering are pricey (AU $2900) making them not that much cheaper than the equivalent MBPs when available.
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    Macbooks are prettier...
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    Not all of the first revision of the MacBook Pro had those problems (mine does not for instance), but you are right, some did. :)
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    Would be pot luck buying a refurb core duo model though, wouldn't you say? I know they're supposed to be fixed before they go out, but there were too many horror stories about faulty machines.

    It's a gamble.
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    and they work too..
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    get a macbook, the powerbook cannot stand up to the core 2 duo.
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    Yes, they are rather nice to look at, aren't they? And they DO work too! As the Core 2 Duo, yes, it is a speedy processor and my Intel-phobia is in its last stages of decline. All righty then...let's say I do go for a nice MacBook...um, should I wait until Leopard or perhaps the later updates or get one in or around March? Oh, by the way, your advice has been invaluable and I am feeling much happier! I'll sleep much better tonight!:)

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    Depending on how long you can wait, and how much money you have at that point, I would look at a refurb MBP C2D, when Leopard is released (still not a sure thing for "Spring", could get delayed until a month or 2 later), as the refurb will ship with Leopard when ever Leopard is released, even if the MBP refurg did not orginially ship with Leopard when it was current. I expect revised MBP's w/Santa Rose platform chipset, around that time too, so current MBP C2D, may become the earlier Rev. just like the CD MBP is now, but who knows how much they will cost then...just have to wait and see, then decide later---wasting your time now, IMO, worrying about it now.

    If you're ready to buy now, then decide on what's available now.
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    It is a bit of a gamble though, but if you buy one of the later, speed bumped Core Duo based MacBook Pros (15" 2GHz/15" 2.16GHz/17" 2.16GHz) you would probably be alright. :)
  17. Sly
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    My wife has just bought a new 1.83 Ghz Core2 Macbook. I have been using a 1.67 Ghz PB for just over a year now so I have had spent lots of time comparing the two.

    I am very impressed with the Macbook, its much smaller and lighter than the PB which is very important for a laptop and the screen is a little brighter too. However, after using both I can honestly say with out a doubt in my mind I would and did chose the PB every time (my wife is happy to swap books if I want to). Here's why: 1. That glossy screen is terrible; sitting next to each other working with the same light source my wife is constantly moving the screen and her position so she can see properly. Using the glossy screen is nothing but annoying apart from watching films in a darkened room when its the best choice. 2. My Powerbook looks classy and has a wonderful tactile feel, I use it in meetings with clients everyday and feel proud to own it. I would feel embarrassed using a little white Macbook. 3. The keyboard on the Macbook is good but not nearly as good as the Powerbooks and I love the backlighting when using it in low light (if only it where possible to turn it on and off at will). 4. Personally I can not really see much difference in the speed of the two machines when using them for my everyday uses of: MS office, surfing, email and Photoshop.

    Conclusion: If you can get a refurb Macbook Pro in budget then this has to be the be the best choice, if not then personally I would go with the Powerbook (make sure its one of the last of the 1.67's The screens where updated after the early ones had problems with lines, I think they are brighter too).
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    Scarlet Fever

    if you can, it's probably a good idea to wait till 10.5 comes out. It'll be worth it :D
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    You certainly put forward a very erudite argument for the PowerBook. And yes, the final models did have brighter screens and decent graphics cards, with none of those evil lines. I wonder how they compare in speed though?
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    Oh, I agree. From what I've seen, Leopard looks amazing and more useful than ever. But, I'm not sure I'm patient enough to wait until April!
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    Perhaps you're right...I probably am thinking too much about the whole thing.
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    I'd say you're right, but at the moment, I think they're still out of my price range.
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    Well, no, for the reason you already mentioned. Besides, you seem to forget that the vast majority of machines don't have any problems and that these machines are backed by a warranty to begin with.

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