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Used power supply sold as new?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by InfoTime, Nov 8, 2010.

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    So I'm fixing an iMac G5 17" that won't light up or do anything and order a new power supply. I install it and everything seems fine. However, I notice something... There are scratch marks on the notch that are normal for a power supply that's been installed in an iMac. They get there because there's a screw at the bottom of the case that presses against that spot.


    I've exchanged a couple of emails with the company (one you've probably heard of). But, I thought I'd get your all's opinions. What do you think? New or used?
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    Looks used to me.
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    Used. Good eye.
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    Used, my PSU shows the same markings...
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    It's probably refurbished. They aren't going to replace the casing for a scratch. Just an FYI, all of Apple's service parts are refurbished. So if you got them from Apple it would have been refurbished and the company that sold it to you probably somehow got it from Apple.
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    Refurbished would be fine - if it were advertised that way, but the OP implies that this was sold as new.
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    Refurbished is probably the answer as the caps were probably replaced since the original ones were susceptible of bulging/bursting. This is why it was described as "new".
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    Don't know where you got your information, but not all of Apples service parts are refurbs. On vintage machines that is typically the case though.
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    Most of the iMac G5 power supplies and logic boards sold around are refurbished, like the others said, this one definitely is a used psu, I would call back for a partial refund
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    Totally agree. It might be a perfectly good power supply, but it should not be sold as new if it is not new. If the vendor does not make good on this in some way, I hope you will post their name so the rest of us will know whom to avoid.
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    It's Apple, all service parts come from them.
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    Although I certainly agree that Apple fits into the category of "one you've probably heard of," a quick eBay search reveals more than a dozen vendors selling new G5 power supplies. And that's only eBay. I seriously doubt that this was Apple. They have always been very clear when selling me something refurbished.
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    Oh really? Guess where I got my information. I used to work for Apple! I don't work for Apple any longer but I still work on Apple hardware, daily.

    Why don't you read the paperwork next time you get a repair done from Apple. It says it right there they use refurbished and new parts. The new parts are external parts, those are never refurbished. All the internal bits can be and are refurbished. Take a good look at a service part if you ever get a chance, you'll easily tell it's refurbished.
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    new = zombie

    i'd take the refurb part over the 'new' part any day. all the 'new' ones died.

    if this is really a 'new' part with a scratch, you're going to need a refurb part in the near future... :eek:

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