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Uses for bluetooth in the new ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jgunn, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I'm thinking so you can use your iphone keyboard to type in searches. Seems like a good idea
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    Umm, why would you need that? You can already do this with the Apple Remote App. It works via Wi-Fi, no need for stupid Bluetooth. I suppose having support for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard might not be a bad idea though, but then again you could just have that hooked up to your iPhone while using the Apple Remote App.

    How is it so many people don't know about this?? :confused:

    Apple Remote App
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    ohhh, sorry, didn't know. thats great
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    No worries, my confusion wasn't really pointed at you, but more the fact that it really seems to be a common thing that people don't know about.
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    I haven't had an apple tv yet, so not sure of all the in's and out's but am looking forward to what I can do when it arrives. the UI is great
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    I don't think it's even got bluetooth, there's no mention of it in the tech specs.
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    If it has Wi-Fi, it probably has Bluetooth because they are really the same chip these days for mobile devices (which the Apple TV is based on similar hardware). Now if the antenna guidelines support that or not is one thing, and the simple fact that Apple could turn off that feature entirely is another thing.

    No doubt it's not a feature that is listed because they won't support it with the built in software. Maybe the hacking will allow it though perhaps.
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    no it does :)

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    FCC documents posted online mention that the AppleTV has Bluetooth hardware inside. Now if/when Apple will actually use it is anyone's guess.

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