Using Apple TV as wireless second Monitor?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Hans86, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Hey does anyone know if there is any way to use the apple tv to make your tv into a second monitor for your computer? ie. you can sit with your laptop and mouse over to the tv being used as a second computer monitor?
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    If it were possible to run a VNC client on the Apple TV, then yes. But it's not (at least not without hacking your ATV), and it would be very choppy anyway. Best solution would be to get a long DVI cable and run it from your Mac's video out to the TV.
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    would be pretty cool though for surfing the web or chatting on your couch with your wireless apple keyboard and mouse.
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    I remember a rumor a long time ago that suggested Leopard would bring this functionality. I forgot how it was supposed to work, but that would be a really nice feature.
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    Well, most T.V.s have craptastical resolution... so... why? It won't be worth it. Unless, do you have an HDTV?
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    this may be a dead subject.. but why would this be a bad idea? why would it be choppy? itunes streams movies to the apple tv which then displays them on the TV so why would just diplaying a desktop be any more taxing? I have been googling this topic and have found nothing.. could anyone give advice on what to search for? somone else HAS to have had this idea and developed a simple app that runns thru itunes to serve the data to apple tv.
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    I guess you could do this if you installed chicken of the vnc or something on the apple tv. But yes it would be choppy; you can try using vnc (screen sharing with leopard) form one computer to another to try it out. I dont know why it would be choppy, but if i had to guess... When you are streaming a movie to the apple tv it is a compressed format and the stream is being buffered, since, in vnc, you are using the computer in real time you cant buffer.
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    Personally, I easily link my MacBook up to my HDTV with a DVI to HDMI cable & plug 3.5mm into my reciever.

    Gives awesome quality (all digital so steer clear of VGA stuff) and awesome home theatre and just browsing with wireless keyboard
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    ^that's the easy way. but the op is wanting to do that wirelessly.
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    i guess my real reason for wanting to do this is that apple hasnt yet made it possible to stream dvd's to the apple tv.. The HUGE downfall of the apple TV imo. so if I could stream the desktop to the apple tv then I could watch dvds that way, get rid of my crappy dvd player and have the apple tv become the only equipment under my flat panel.
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    I USE MY MAC ON MY 120" SCREEN & ITS AWESOME! I plop the iBook in & have a wireless (logitech) keyboard & gyro mouse. It works great, not choppy & resolution is fantastic. I get the sound in my (fakely-processed) 7.1 surround thru 28 speakers! I highly recommend the experience - even with my old G4.

    Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to tell you exactly how the designer did it - he ran everything while the house was being built. Kinda the point of the forum, I know, sorry. Pic of the setup below - unfort screen is not online - its on Nemo video, but you get the point.
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