Using your "free" Apple-provided iPod "skin"

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jsw, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Helpful hint for those whose iPod arrives before a skin for it (speaking of which, I just got my iSkin eVo2 skin and love it!):

    When your iPod arrives (congrats!), it'll come with a clear thin plastic "cover" on it with "Don't steal music" in front of the viewfinder. Don't throw this away! Gently take if off and then put it back on upside down - so the "Don't steal music" part is over the click wheel. Using a marker, draw a circle on it around the click wheel and rectangles around the bottom port, top "hold" slider, and headphone ports. Then gently remove it, cut out the indicated parts, and put your pod back in. Tape the back so it doesn't open up. Now you have a free thin cover to at least somewhat protect the pod until your skin arrives. It'll keep fingerprints and slight scratches and scuffs off, and it's virtually invisible. Not perfect, but nice for free and good to do before your skin arrives - the 'pods are easier to scratch than butter!

    I didn't do this with my first one (purchased a month ago), which got scratched but which fortunately was replaced by Apple due to a problem (they didn't replace it the first time, but did replace it just last week). Perhaps this is an obvious solution, but with so many people getting their 'pods before their skins, I thought I'd share. I hope it helps someone!
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    Gd advice man thanks!!!
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    wow, you must really love your ipod. i just put a pda screen protector over the screen. aside of that i don't care about some scratches. in fact i already have lots of them on my ipod. lets you deal with it in a more relaxed way, now that it doesn't matter anymore. my iskin (orange glow) should arrive in a few days. nobody can see the scratches anyway then.

    what iskin color did you pick?

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    Purple. My wife and I both use it, and that was the best compromise color we could arrive at. I think it looks pretty cool....
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    If you have an old silicone case for the 3g iPod, you can enlarge the hole to fit the click wheel. I am still waiting for the iskin exo to be available for the 4g ipods.
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    Isn't that the eVo2?
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    Or you can use saran wrap...

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