USPS to propose 5-day mail schedule, major cuts

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mscriv, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Looks like lots of changes are in store. I remember when being a postal carrier was considered one of the safest and most stable jobs in America.
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    Rodimus Prime

    USPS get screwed from all sides. It can not do anything to raise more money by expanding. As postal delivery goes down it losses money.

    Now if they try to raise postage congress gets on their case. If it wants to shut down some mail sorting location because it is not needed congress will not let them.

    USPS is force to run like a private business for funds but have the federdual government hands in forcing them to burn money or telling them they can not save or try to make more money.
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    They should gut the USPS and deliver mail 3 or 4 days a week. The vast majority of my mail is junk that ends up in the recycle bin. I don't get why this is such a sacred cow in these times. Why are we propping up this dinosaur?
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    I would be fine if they stopped mail delivery on Saturdays, but they either need to keep post offices open on Saturday or extend hours on weekdays until 8 or 9. For those of us who work during the day, sometimes Saturday is the only chance we have to get to the PO.
  5. JNB
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    They've been proposing this almost annually. Sooner or later it's bound to happen, but between postal customers screaming about wanting Saturday delivery and the postal unions demanding minimum hours for their membership, all that's likely to happen is that somehow we'll end up paying more for less.

    That, or more junk mail, as that's a huge revenue stream for them. Lose that, and a first-class letter will easily cost a buck or more.

    The whole thing's so deeply ingrained societally, but fundamentally unsustainable given the state and growth of physical and electronic competition.

    I dunno, should the government re-absorb USPS as a taxpayer service?
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    I honestly wouldn't mind that much if they went to an every other day schedule, maybe just Mon/Wed/Fri. I rarely get useful postal mail anyway and the few things I do get could wait a day. Most of my packages come via UPS anyway. I guess Netflix would be the only thing I'd miss getting daily. Maybe Netflix should buy the postal service... :p
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    I have a customer here in rural NC who is only running a 5-day shift, she has to use and maintain her own car, and does not see additional compensation for it to cover what maintenance she really has to perform on it. It's unfortunate but it's life. I believe this will happen in more rural areas. I've learned from hot mail boy that he doesn't wear a uniform because I'm considered rural, which I find funny. He is here on Saturdays though ... which usually is a good hair day for me. :D hubba hubba
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    I think you are dead on JNB. It's like the USPS is sort of a part of our national identity. Americans seemed so proud in the past that we could deliver packages or mail in a timely manner. I'm reminded of the "rain, snow, or sleet... the mail always runs" verbage I heard growing up and the wild west stories of the Pony Express risking life and limb to deliver the mail.
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    This is a sad day indeed. But I agree that the way it is run forces is to follow politicians but still try to make money on its own.

    I love my local PO. :eek:
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    A stamp is what, 44 cents? That seems like a price straight out of the 50s. Yet for 44 cents the USPS will carry my dumb letter thousands of miles and get it there in about a week. Astonishing.

    Heck, I don't think I can name one thing that costs less than 44 cents these days.
  11. JNB
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    Funny you should mention the Pony Express, as I was thinking about that too. Just for comparison, it cost $5 per half-ounce—in 1860! In today's dollars, that would make a one-ounce letter $243!
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    Having no mail on Saturday won't be a big deal for me. They have to take steps to stop the losses.
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    Most of us as consumer probably won't be too effected by the loss of Saturday deliver, but business's will find it burdensome. The ability to send and receive mail on Saturday is really handy sometimes. Say you need something like a bill to arrive by monday and you miss the late Friday pickup. Being able to have it picked up on Saturday can be a lifesaver. I think its a shame, but the way USPS is tied down in regulation, they really don't have much choice until something is done to allow them to operate as a competitive business. They may also lose a lot of customers to FedEx and UPS who need to have shipments and deliveries on the weekends.
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    I'm a having deja vu about this thread for some reason.

    If they are going to cut a day, they should cut one week day. Then, you don't have to go two days, in a row, without mail.

    Plus, Saturdays are important. It's the only day that I, and many other people, can really get to the Post Office. It's not open yet when I leave for work and closed by the time I get home.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I think the consumers are effect more by the lost of a Saturday delivery than businesses.

    Now I think they have done studies and it was shown dumping either Tuesday or Thursday would be a better choice as those are the lowest volume days. Just the fact that it is an odd ball day prevents it from happening.

    Now while I lived in an apartment I tended not to check my mail on Saturday and I would get it Monday evening because I would always check it on my way home from work. If I did not have work that day I would not check my mail.
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    Exactly. If the Post Office needs to cut a day, cut Monday. They miss several Mondays because of federal holidays that fall on Saturday and Sunday anyway.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Mondays are a bad day to cut. One of the heaviest mail volumes of the week is Monday due to weekend build up and business being open on Monday. I believe the biggest 2 days ever week are Monday and Friday. Lowest being Tuesday.
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    The USPS delivers:

    over HALF of the mail WORLDWIDE.

    So...whether you live in the US or not, any cuts will probably cost you too.
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    If they were to stop Saturday delivery, it doesn't necessarily mean that post offices will be closed. In fact, it would be stupid to close them on Saturdays. I bet it's one of their biggest revenue days of the week.
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    Post Offices and delivery close on sunday, the Postal SERVICE does not.

    They still sort, fly, move, drive your mail.

    Its just not delivered.
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    i think children's letter's to santa claus will not make it this year:(
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    its been so long since i sent something in the mail, I forgot you needed to put stamps on the front of a letter and I forgot how to actually get it mailed.
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    Even that fat old **** has email. :D
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    I bet they are losing money on their flat-rate Priority shipments. If it fits in the box, up to a reasonable weight, it ships for the same price whether it weighs an ounce or 25 pounds.

    In the past, the heavier, the more expensive. Methinks that there are a lot of people saving a ton of money shipping this way.

    On the other side of this coin: how many more customers were attracted to this method of shipment over a competitor?

    Then again, if you can make enough money to fund your operations, something needs to change. In other 'regulated' industries like electricty, for example. Government officials help set the price of the item/commodity to balance the cost vs. expense of providing the item/commodity.

    Someone needs to look at the USPS and see why they are constantly losing money these days. (I seem to recall about 10-15 years ago they were ahead of the game and making a profit.) I don't see how cutting a day of delivery will make that much of a difference. Increasing rates are likely a better move....and I bet that is on the table.

    I send so few letters that it would not hurt me if stamp prices were tripled! Of course, it would hurt a bit more around Christmas time with the 75-100 cards we send out!
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    Yes, that's on the table when the current freeze expires, as well as closing some light-traffic post offices, and it seems one other much bigger ($15M) item that I can't recall, for a total of over $25M in annual savings.

    The cost for shipments of lead have gone way down! ;)

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