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UT 2k3 anytime soon?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Stelliform, Nov 11, 2002.

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    Anybody have any scoop on UT 2k3? Last I heard they were hoping to have a version for X-mas, but they only assigned one programmer to Aguafy it. :)

    I think I still prefer UT. There are so many Mods and custom maps for UT that I like to play. I think it will be a while before UT2k3 catches up, but it would still be nice to have a copy to tinker with on my Mac.
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    there is a linux version that comes in binary format.
  3. job
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    All I want of Christmas is a stable (i.e. final) Carbonized version of UT for Jag.
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    So you are saying that the OS X version of UT isn't great? I have been playing UT for years, and I just ordered a new Powerbook. (I also just ordered a copy of UT for Mac.)

    Should I run the game in classic, reboot to 9 (not likely), or run the X version?
  5. job
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    The last UT X update does not function correctly in Jag.

    You will probably have to boot back into 9 for decent performance.
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    UTX's performance is terrible. Getting a hold of Glenda Adams might help get info or speed up the process, but I don't know how to???

    Hitman, I'd also like a working version of UTX for X-Mas. I hope that Glenda hasn't dropped the project.

  7. job
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    Yeah, maybe then I'll be able to play some TO.. ;)

    I sure hope they don't forget about UT X...

    Westlake has a lot of new projects; I'm not so sure if they have time to spend on the port of a 4(?) year old game... :(
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    Hmmph, it never worked for me in 10.1 either :(
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    it really sucks that westlake has left us hanging with utx. i bought the game with the specific intent of having an osx only machine, but i had to reinstall 9 to update to 436 and still have to run it in 9 to get above 25fps or hear the music. maybe since epic is doing UT2K3 inhouse, westlake will have more time to focus on the original UT :rolleyes:. what has it been, 7 months since pr3? anyway, i think 2k3 is supposed to be osx only and i'm not sure how performance will compare to similarly configured pcs. i can't wait for unreal2, not that i'll be able to play it on my machine, but i'll enjoy peeking over my friends' shoulders.
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    I'm surprised that you're having troubles with the UT X preview. I've been running it, had a problem in the original 10.2 developer preview and couldn't run it, but with the current version, (10.2.2) it runs quite nicely for me.
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    where can I get it UTX?

    I love UT and all the mods (better than quakeIII, IMHO), but stopped playing it when I got my Playstation2 and upgraded to OSX. Where is this UTX update/mod or whatever it is? I'm running 10.2.1 and plan on going 10.2.2 this weekend. What are the problems that Jag users are having with UTX?

    Damn, I can already start to feel anxious about UT again. Gotta go start up the ol' OS9....
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    It is playable for me in 10.2.1. I have not tried it in 10.2.2 yet, but I am sure it will work. The game has many glitches in it but is playable.
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    UTX has been fine for me under 10.2.x, and my machine is a poor G4 400 with an ATI 16mb card.

    I'm not sure if Glenda is working on UT anymore, as some else said Westlake have a great many projects and UT isn’t top of the priorities list. As UT 2K3 is being developed in house and not by Westlake I don’t think we'll see any further update to UT.

    As for UT 2K3, I've been playing it on my PC laptop, wow! It looks great and plays amazing, some mod’s are starting to appear and the popular maps Deck 16 etc are now available in UT2K3 format (Called Deck 17) and looks great. One feeling on it though, its more like Quake 3 Arena than UT, but that was a good game as well.

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    now that you mention it, i can't really judge performance in 10.2.2, because it seems that after i installed it, UT is stuck in incredibly slow motion (it's like the bullet time mod is running all the time, perhaps that's the problem). unfortunately, i can't remember where the mod file is :rolleyes:
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    Maybe it's mod support that's the problem since I'm running a clean copy with no extra fun. Don't mods need to be put into the UT system folder?

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