UT2004 vs UT3 on a PIII 3.1Ghz

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Huntn, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Thread is mislabeled. I'm talking about a P4 3.1 Ghz.

    As I wonder what happened to my UT2k4 disks, I'm setting up my MBP (Vista) and a real P4 3.1Ghz machine do so some mutual fragging. I don't see a problem with either version of the game on my MBP running Vista. It's been a while, but I seem to remember that UT3 dragged a little as compared to the 2k4 version on the PIII although it exceeds UT3 minimum requirements. Any thoughts?

    And while I'm talking about UT, how do people feel about 2k4 vs 3 as far as how the game plays and the game variants? It's been several years now since I've played, but I want to say 2k4 was better. Hopefully the 2k4 disks will turn up. Otherwise it's going pretty cheap (around $5) online these days.
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    i prefer 2K4 over UT3 - by a large margin. movement is so much more nimble, and the team deathmatch play is still a blast. many of the servers are in europe, but there's a small but active community.

    i run 2K4 via bootcamp on Win7 and get great frame rates with everything set to high.

    i'm not sure how it would perform on the P3, but that machine might make a good server.

    steam has the UT games now (on the Windows side) if you're looking for a source at $14.99 for 2K4 or $39.99 for every Unreal title as a bundle.
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    I like both. UT2004 has a stronger arcade-vibe where as UT3 is a bit more "realistic". It's slower, grittier and I think tenser.
    Also... UT3 on a Pentium 3? You mad?! :D I had no idea it would run on such an old processor. Heck I remember my P4 could only just run UT2004.
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    Thanks for the advice. I have no idea where my UT2k4 disks went. I considered Steam, but I did not want to buy 2 copies of it, so I purchased a copy UT2k4 online for $5 at ebay free shipping. :) I remember there was some controversy between the original UT physics and the follow-ons when we were made into bouncing bunnies. ;) I preferred the former, but adapted to the latter.

    Actually I mistyped, it's a P4 3.1 Ghz and I fixed the original post. I preferred UT2k4 because I thought it would perform better on the P4. I installed UT3 last night and it seems to be lively enough (on the P4). We'll see how it goes for multiplayer. I'm gonna crank up the "frames" program, whatever it is called and check in game performance.

    I'm out of touch with this game. I much prefer this to Team Fortress. Did the UT franchise crash and burn or are they working on a new one? I really like having bots fill out the teams. What is the shooter to play these days, TF or ?
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    It boils down to your graphic card on the P4.
    A 3.1Ghz P4 prolly is HT version and is as fast as the first Core Duos (1.86ghz versions).

    It's probably an AGP card, so you're stuck with what you already have, unless you wanna get something second hand.

    I think Radeon 9800 or Geforce 7800 is the latest AGP offerings, could be possible to get one on ebay.
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    If memory serves - UT3 was initially a flop. They released an update called the Black Version (or something) that made some much needed changes. But it was too late and nobody bothered with it. By then everyone was on Call of Duty 4, Counterstrike Source, TF2 or Left4Dead. UT3 is considered too basic compared to them other games.

    http://store.steampowered.com/stats/, no sign of UT3. I love it though, it's like a HD blast from the past.
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    Well it turns out UT3 sucks. :D On the P4 it was slow, on my MBP, it ran from 13-30fps, and the graphics were funky. I like crisp clean environments. Maybe my MBP graphics card could not cut it. If I had persisted, it would have given me a headache. UT2004 is on order, so what the heck we broke out UT2003 and I had forgotten how good a game this is. The maps are a virtual who's who of fragging. These names should ring a bell if you are a UT fan- Antalus, Asbestos, Compressed, Curse3, Flux, Gael, Inferno, Insidious, Leviathain, Oceanic, Phobos2, Plunge, Serpentine, Tokara Forest, and Training Day. I'm busy DLing a couple of map packs for it.

    The game flies and it plays on both Vista and XP. For some reason I could not get the Vista machine (my MBP) to host where the XP machine could see it, but when the XP machine hosted, we were good to go. This is the perfect fast moving arena game. I realize the movement has been towards combat classes, but I prefer this over Team Fortress. I really don't see a comparison between UT and war games like COD and MOH. Those are trying to be realistic, and that seems to be where the action is.


    Looks like you can purchase both UT2k4 and UT3 at Steam.
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    Does anyone remember the name of the UT CTF map, two large opposing towers set on a rock in space? Can't remember if that was UT2003 or 2004 or both? And while your at it, the two large opposing CTF towers with the Egyptian motif?

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    It's called CTF-FaceClassic and it is on 2k4

    I'm gonna go play that now :)
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    Thanks! :).

    Well yesterday we got connected between my MBP running Vista and my P4 XP and played UT2003 (PC) for hours. Today can't get the two boxes connected. Vista can see the Lan game hosted on the P4 but it won't connect, the map never starts loading. When Vista hosts, the XP machine does not see the networked game. Frustrated! :mad:

    Anyone any ideas? I should have UT2k4 in a day or so and plan on switching over to that.

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