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UT2k4 now shipping

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Does anyone know if or when the S.E. DVD version is coming out? because I'd just as soon wait for that. macsoft's website kinda sucks, and i tried contacting them to find out, but got no responce. anyone know?
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    The Mac version IS DVD

    The Mac version IS on DVD. The main PC version is on CD, and comes in a DVD version as well--but Macs have moved towards adopting DVD faster than PCs (big surprise), so there's no Mac CD version. (For the rare people whose Macs can run UT2k4 but don't have a DVD drive... Don't despair, external units are cheap and useful!)

    There's also a PC-only Special Edition version on DVD. That gets you:

    * A wasteful metal box to recycle.

    * A headset... but most Mac models have built-in mics anyway so I'd just as soon not be tethered to my computer by a headset.

    * A second DVD, with tutorials about the developer tools, which are Windows-only.

    So we DO get DVD, and the Special Edition is no great loss.

    FYI... if you have a single-CPU Mac, the retail game runs twice as fast as the demo! (A bug was fixed--and will be patched in the demo soon.)
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    ahh, perfect. Everytime I know there's going to be a special edition of anything, I hate buying the normal one for it to be out a month or two later. I just feel the need to have the best of the best. it's gonna kill me when my 2ghz g5 isn't the best anymore :eek:

    but i'm glad to know it isn't missing anything, time to go get it tonight. awesome. Thanks for being so helpful.

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