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Vaja Messenger Bag

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by steve31, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Just got it in today. Very nice. A bit smaller than I expected. But it still works with my Piel Frama case. Big pocket on front is perfect for iPhone.

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    Very nice!!! I like the color.

    It does look smaller than I thought it would be. I was trying to decide between the Vaja messenger and the Saddleback satchel but ended up with a Fossil purse.
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    iPad in case fits in messenger?

    Your iPad in the Piel Frama fits into the vaja messenger?! I emailed Vaja and they told me my agenda two would not fit however it's slightly thinner than the Piel I bought my sister!
    Please verify for me because I really want one but don't to be pulling it out of the case every time.
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    My Piel Frama case fits inside. I would say that the Agenda case would work with it.
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    Sweet thanks! I'm getin it now.
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    Would an 11.6" Air fit in there and still allow the flap to fold over?
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    Hi Dash8grl! Have you bought the Messenger Bag? If so, can you please tell me if the iPad with the Agenda 2 cover fits inside? I've just asked Vaja about that, and they told me it won't fit! Thanks alot :)

    Roberto Dapino

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