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Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara CA | With STEVE WOZNIAK!

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by bat95132, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Anyone planning on going to Vally Fair Mall and wait with Steve?
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    who the hell is steve and is he related to holly wozniak?
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    I'm only an hour or so away and would love to meet Wozniak and some forum members there! I'll wait to see if more people reply here though, since it's a little bit of a drive...
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    this! hopefully more people in the thread
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    Hmm, I’m getting mine shipped to my house, but I would love a chance to meet the Woz...
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    Camping seems like fun.. if they don't shoot down the possibility of white being available at launch, I'll be in for at least a couple of hours! And I'm hoping Woz will be there just to put the cherry on top.
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    I'll be there! Unfortunately, since it's on a damn Thursday, I'll show up early morning around 4 or 5. What time does Woz show up usually?
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    Which entrance?

    I usually reserve my iPhones at the Stoneridge Mall store so this will be a first for me at Valley Fair. I know where the store is located, but not sure which entrance is the best one to wait at since I assume the doors won't be open yet at 4/5am. Any ideas?
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    I'll be there, but still not sure about the time. When is everyone planning on arriving?
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    I was thinking about 5am. Is that a crazy time???

    Either that or whenever the nearest starbucks opens. At that hour, without my coffee, I wouldn't be too happy. :)
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    we wait inside, by the electric latters, then as the time to open the store approches they bring us in front of the store
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    Not sure if I'll go to the Valley Fair or Los Gatos store. Leaning towards the Los Gatos store since my reservation didn't go through and usually less people go there, but we'll see.:eek:
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    I was under the impression that the mall doors would be locked in the early morning. In the past, Apple has had special early morning openings at around 7am and I assume that will be the case again this year. Otherwise, the actual mall opening time is 10am.

    Anyway, if the mall doors are open, I know which escalators you're talking about, but if not, is there a specific mall door entrance at which to wait in the early morning 4/5am until they let us IN to the mall???
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    anyone know what time it starts to get crowded there? I just moved to the bay area so I am unfamiliar w/ the area. thanks in advance.
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    In the latters next to the apple store. They leave 2 entrances open, one street level, is like an employee entrance. The other one 2 floor by the parking lot. They do open early, i forgot if it was like around 6 or 7. So doors open in the morning and all night. Last year the got us StarBucks coffee.

    The really big crow gets there around 4-5am...

    Any more questions?
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    If you look at the pdf store directory (http://westfield.com/valleyfair/stores/) then the closest entrances seem to be next to the dog boutique and next to Tiffany (though the latter for some reason is not marked, but I went through it the other day).

    I just called however and the guy at the Apple store said he doesn't know how they'll be handling launch day but "malls NEVER lock." :confused: Somebody in another thread said that VF lets you stay inside overnight but you have to get there before the mall closes, and then they let you back in at 5.

    VF Security also says that there will probably be an outside line/partitions near the dog boutique entrance, so I guess that's our best bet.
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    They let u in n out. but to be sure get there before the mall closes, and am sure they will let stay the night in..how ever u are scaring me, let me call apple store to. Ill reply back with info later :)

    Weird just got off the phone with them (apple store) and they dont know nothing...mmm tho many people will go that night...i'll stay
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    I'll most likely see you there then! I'm just hoping the bathrooms will be open... :p guess I will have to get there before 9:30.
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    Oh yes there open, :) Am David See you there!
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    i got there @ 9, i was 4th :)
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    I don't have an iPhone reservation.

    If I come at 9pm on Wednesday and camp out, will I be able to get one of their phones in stock?

    Also what time will Apple store open? What time do you think we'll be out with the phone if we're one of the first few peoples there.

    Also could we really camp out in front of the apple store the day before as long as we make it before the mall closes? Thanks.

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