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Vancouver Apple Retail Store Opening May 24th

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 21, 2008.

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    I will be there, will be taking pictures.
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    See you there...

    Perfect timing I guess that my 6mo iMac's screen is gimping up...no more Simply!
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    It's about flipping time. They couldn't have done this the two years I lived there, apparently.

    It's a little sad that it's in Pacific Centre, though. I'd have rather liked to see something of architectural significance, maybe in Gastown or a restored storefront in Kits.
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    Chef Medeski

    Mmm... and I cannot wait for a similar opening in Montreal. Finally a prominent place downtown on St. Catherine which basically ensures a Huge party.

    But not to move the spotlight. Congrats Greater Vancouver residents. ;)
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    that was exactly what i said in another forum. even though it's not a flagship store, it would still be nice to have it somewhere facing a street like robson where there would be a lot of foot traffic. this way, even people not intending to go to the apple store will check it out out of curiosity. in pacific centre, you have to actually go out of your way to see the apple store.
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    Couldnt agree more!

    I know...Pacific Centre? I know they are redoing Granville and all, but talk about sticking the store in a low traffic place. They shopped around for a place on Robson but there were no units big enough apparently. Kick HMV out and put in an Apple store we can be proud of... :rolleyes: Do people even buy CDs anymore?
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    I wonder what's the effects to local Apple (mom & pops) store, when an Apple store opens? I'm sure their business would probably go down significantly.
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    Boston gets ANOTHER Apple store and it's front page news, Vancouver gets its first - and nothin!

    Now, to convince my girlfriend that waiting in line for 4 hours is worth a free t-shirt...
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    I thought Vancouver, WA, already had a store. Their second?

    (runs for cover...)
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    Is it really going to have that many people? I want to go but I don't know if I want to wait 4 hours.
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    I agree, when I visit vancouver, i hardly go out of my way to go to the Pacific Center, I usually go to Granville, or Robson St. or Metro Town


    Unfortunatly I will not be able to make it to the grand opening, as it is a ferry ride away for me, and not at a good time :( Have fun peoples!!!
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    I was just down there, and wow it's busy! Looks nice though, I gotta go back when you can actually look at stuff though. :)
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    It was busy! There were over 1000 people because they ran out of the t-shirts and there was still a long lineup of people. There were probably 1500 people who went in the store by the time I left. I thought I wasn't going to get the t-shirt because I was waiting for the grand opening and taking pictures before I lined up to get in. I think I was about the 970th person to get in. It was also funny how everyone cheered when an older lady received the last free t-shirt (by which time she was obviously embarrassed lol). It's good to know there are so many Apple fans in Vancouver!
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    Van + Mac = sexy.
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    Glad to see my city finally with an Apple store, but Pacific Centre?! Haven't been in that mall in years. Thought Robson St or Metrotown would get one from all the rumors over the years. Oh well, I'll check it out when the crowds die down and go early morning. :D
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    Yeah but Jess + ica = sexier!

    It's a lovely store. I took my Son on sunday morning to check it out.

    Like all Apple stores it's terminally busy. High ceiling, very bright, lots of stuff to play with a low table for the kids and 4 iMac's running games (a really nice touch IMO).

    Talked to staff and saw some pictures, the line up was all the way through the mall, out the door, down the half block to the corner and all the way down to the next corner. So no counting the crowd in the mall it was a block and a half long. One of the guys at my MUG was there and got the pictures and the t-shirt.

    I asked the same question as someone else did about how it would affect the business of the independent resellers, and apparently there are some stats somewhere that show that resellers actually benefit from an Apple store opening as the halo effect continues. So more people buy Apple, but not necessarily from downtown. I personally won't shop there as I have to pass at least two resellers to get downtown. But I do work downtown so if it's an impulse purchase I will.

    I want to go to the California stores though. Jessica will you help me out and show me around when I'm down there?
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    Define "down there" and I'm sure I can be of some assistance. ;)

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