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Vanishing & Re-Appearing ext drive. HELP!

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Paul Graham, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Paul Graham

    Im running mountain lion, With all updates on a 2007 iMac c2d with 2gb's ram.

    My hard drive inventory is as follows -

    MAC OS
    Time machine ( Seagate 320gb ext )
    Media 1 ( WD Elements 1tb ext )
    Media 2 ( WD Elements 1tb ext )
    Life studio ( Hitachi 500gb ext )

    Media 2 is the issue.

    One moment its there, then I get the message about not ejecting correctly ( I haven't ejected the drive )

    I reboot with the drives unplugged, Then replug them in and its there again for a moment.

    All of my ext drives are connected to two powered usb hubs. ( So theyre drawing power from the wall and not my mac )

    If anyone has any ideas I'ld love to hear them please as this is infuriating me no end lol!
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    How does it react when its connected directly to your iMac?
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    Paul Graham

    Havent tried yet as I cant get behind my desk until tomorrow now.
    But I will try it and I'm thinking about minimizing the amount of USB devices I
    have plugged in.

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