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vector design - critique welcome

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by iminimac, Aug 24, 2006.

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    hey, i made this in photoshop and im rather pleased with it. what does everyone else think. any ideas and comments appreciated

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    Concentric circles. Everywhere I look...

    ...posters, flyers, ads and also in some unexpected places too.


  3. ATD
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    Nice. If you do more of that type of artwork you should do it in llustrator instead of Photoshop.

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    This project is one of the ones I have enjoyed most and so I defintily will do some more like this style. I'll look into getting illustrator. Cheers.
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    ditto on the paint drips
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    why does everyone do vector art in PS? ITS A RASTER PROGRAM, NOT VECTOR. a vector "look" in PS is NOT vector art.

    seriously, did anyone learn this in school or am i the only one that uses PS for pixels, and Ill for vectors?

    -end rant.
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    Haven't you noticed that people do everything in PS these days, even press ready layouts. :rolleyes: :D

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    Feature length movies if they could :D

    I hate to see vector stuff done in photoshop. You are just making hard for yourself. Sure if you havent got Illust. or Freeh. fine but there are way too many photshop "vectors" out there.

    BTW: to the original poster. If you want to use that kind of style i.e. minimal vectors choose a sans serif typeface instead of Optima that you have used. It kind of contradicts the style.
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    I wouldnt use Quarks design work as an example for ANYTHING. Its always a copout. First of all they robbed their new logo from somewhere and got found out so had to change it. Now it looks like a student has done the latest one and the 'circles theme' is just an 'i cant be arsed' effort at design. Woo... circles!

    Wheres the thinking?
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    My point exactly. ;)

    But they're everywhere. The first sighting I can remember? LemonJelly KY album. Circa 2001.

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    I dont have illustrator so this is the only thing I could do it in. I like vector art and so im looking into getting illustrator.
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    Vector stuff is my kinda style check out my site www.stuartluff.co.uk its not the funky stuff you might be thinking of but its very clean and minimal. Lemme know what you think :)
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    I think you will like Illustrator, for vectors it's faster, has far better control and a ton more options. Also being a vector program the line work will always stay clean no matter how it's scaled, no pixels to deal with. Good luck. ;)

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    Ive seen your site before. Its very good.
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    Help Me!

    The First, i want to say the design that's good looking, circle! :)
    and the second Can u help me please, i want to create tracing image!, Thx U!
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    Very nice work. I like the feel of it, very cool. I would consider changing the layout of your circles in the top right corner so that one of them (probably the largest one) is directly in line with your arrows. You can do this in photoshop very easily using the guides. Then I would place the text below the circles. But that's me.

    Also I second changing the font. It just doesn't fit with your design. Sans serif all the way. You can find tons of free fonts online that will match your design much better.

    Overall good work. And you CAN do this type of work in Photoshop if you prefer it. I've used Illustrator and Photoshop both for this type of work and while Illustrator is made for it and is easier and more powerful, Adobe has given PS enough vector tools to accomplish good looking design in this style. If you can get your hands on Illustrator do it. If not keep using Photoshop and cranking out the designs. At the end of the day no client will get mad because you used PS instead of Ill. That said, you would really love Ill. if you like this style :D
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    nice! Only one question though, were you going for a darkerblu-blu gradient as the background? It shows up a bit subtle on my monitor, almost like a completely solid light blue. Looks real nice.
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    That's funny ... at the university we were designing our student Bookstore ads with this theme (99-00). By 00-01 some of us moved on to hexagons ... until MTV started using them. :mad:

    That quark splash page def. looks like a student designed it while look at our design wall of the same era. There are no original ideas.

    peace | neut
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    unless of course they decide they want to scale up your image to wrap a vehicle, do a billboard, trade show booth... etc. True vector is just so much easier to scale up, not to mention make simple changes to down the road.
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    mmm, LemonJelly... I bought that album just for the cover back then (almost).
    Also, remember the psyop At&T commercial (also from 01)? I just went back to their site the other day (psyop.net), so much good stuff...

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    I agree completely. But no one really cares (outside of designers) what program creates what. They only care about end product. I, like you apparently, like to use the best tool for the job. My point in the comment I made was if he's comfortable in PS and not in Ill. thats fine, but he better be prepared for some long hours in the situations you described occur or be smart enough to make a gigantic sized file FIRST and scale down based on the clients needs, instead of trying to scale UP later on down the road.
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    AH!! No more circles or drips.
    that's been done to death and it is so 1998.

    do stuff that looks a bit more organic. that's what's up in the design world nowadays.
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    Someone in my high school class drew invitation cards for her birthday with concentric circles in 1994. The looked almost like that, except they overlapped and didn't flow into each other. :D

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