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    i just found this posted up on versiontracker its so funny. currently putted on my powerbook tell me if it helped u
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    Oh, that's just great! HAHAHA! I love it. Wish I could flip it to cool from right to left, though.

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    Is it fake software?

    or does it work?
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    you joking right, you didn't ask that, its just a little animated fan, nothing more
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    is ventilloo supposed to be a real virtual fan or a total joke because i think it's actually working...
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    i think its just suppose to make you feel cooler.
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    At that time I didn't download it, I see that the animated picture is helping ALOT.
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    something i will keep for the summer:)
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    Hey guys, this program is a Must for all 12" PowerBook owners. Keep your PowerBook from heating up with this wonderful utility. It lowered the temperature of mine about 5°F...

    You should really try it. It really works!

    Edit: Holy crap!!! Just kidding :D I just thought i'd post this, but after doing some stuff online and ripping a few CD's on battery power while laying on my bed, my 12" PowerBook has heated up like you wouldn't believe... The right side, which normally gets hot, is not nearly as hot as the left side... The entire bottom of the PowerBook is way too hot to handle... IT IRONED MY SHEETS!!! I know laptops can get hot, and improper ventilation doesn't help, but geez, you'd think this little fan program would do something :cool:
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    #11 guys crack me up...:D

    (I'm the programmer of Ventilloo, also longtime reader here)

    Anyhow, if you thought that was good, wait till version 2.0!

    -Multispeed control
    -Sound options
    -Titanium alloy enclosure
    -Blows every Windows offering out of the water
    -Now capable of cooling to 2 degrees Kelvin

    Be sure to check out my other stuff too! I've made stuff much more practical than ventilloo:

    Check out danlab's stuff as well, he is equally if not more awesome than me :p
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    Woo, I think that increased my iMacs fan. Too many apps open I think. ;)

    Intresting way of cooling your mac tho. :cool:
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    please tell me you're kidding...2 degrees kelvin is like...waaaaay below freezing point...
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    More specifically it is 2 degrees kelvin from absolute zero in which all matter breaks down and deteriates.
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    Well I'm glad someone got the point!

    Yes, two degrees Kelvin is indeed very cold! If you check your computers manual you will find it cannot operate in such temperatures. Do not be alarmed, however. The new version installs new firmware in your computer that initiates your computers built in flux capacitator, easily fixing this problem.
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    isn't the flux capacitator from back to the future?
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    that is awesome! keep it up
    i was having a problem with my ibook on pluto :D
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    Back to the future? who's talking gibberish? :D
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    i was responding to this

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