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Verizon closing port 25

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by corbywan, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I have a static IP with Verizon and SLS 10.6.2. They are closing port 25 for clients to send email and telling customers to change to port 587, even if their customers use a 3rd party mail server and a desktop client to access their email.


    What effect is this going to have on my server for sending/receiving email? What changes, if any, will I need to make? I can't seem to find any info for people running their own mail servers.
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    This may not be an issue. Just re-read some info. You have to speak Verizon Marketing. It refers to residential "high speed" users, and Verizon typically differentiates between high-speed (DSL) and FiOS users. Still investigating. And we are a business, not a residential number.
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    Just change the port your server uses.
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    Yup. Can be done in your email client. Takes a minute to find it.
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    Which doesn't help him one bit if this server is hosting e-mail for a domain, as the standard port is the one other mail servers will attempt to connect to him on, not some non-standard port.
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    Simple DNS redirect fix; have anything incoming to port 25 be redirected to 26 or whichever you so please.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Surpised it took them that long. Honestly it is a fairly common practice for ISP to block port 25 for STMP email to all domains but theirs.

    Reason being is it is to protect their network from spam being sent out and them getting their servers black listed for hosting it. Now days port 25 is no longer really used by any one.
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    DNS doesn't hand out port numbers. It would simply pass out MX records for the (sub)domain.

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