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Verizon, Future of Unlimited Data

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macher, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Was thinking how long VZW will offer grandfathered unlimited data. The last chance for unlimited data on a 2 year contract was 6/2012. So at least those that have a 2 year contract are somewhat protected until 6/2014.

    I'm out of contract with unlimited data and realize if I want a new device and want to retain unlimited data I either have to pay full retail or bring in a used device. Since I'm out of contract I suppose VZW can inform me that I need to pick a tiered plan. However that would p**ss me off since I bought an iPhone 5 at full retail to retain unlimited data. When I bought the full price iPhone 5 I had a month left on my contract.

    Verizon doesn't throttle 4G but they have the right to network optimize. I see areas and regions getting congested and I'm confident that VZW will start to implement network optimization. VZW says their network optimization isn't the same as what the competition does in regards to throttling.

    What are your thoughts on the future of Verizon grandfathered unlimited data?
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    If a wireless carrier CAN screw you, they WILL screw you. The only question is how soon it will happen and whether they're kind enough to use lube.
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    agreed, I got my iphone 5 and they couldnt wait to dump my unlimited plan.
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    Do you buy at full retail or subsidized price?
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    I bought at subsidized, actually only ended up paying about $42 for my iPhone 5. I dont use that much data but it no doubt takes Pandora and other streaming apps of the table.
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    You said VZW couldn't wait to dump your unltd plan but you bought at subsidized pricing. Didn't you know when you buy at subsidized pricing(upgrade) you lose unltd data?
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    What's amazing is how long people did not understand this when the iPhone was only on AT&T in the U.S. I'm on Verizon now because the network is so much better, but Verizon will do the same stuff and and have the same type of troubles any carrier would. Had Verizon been the initial iPhone carrier, it would've been slammed by traffic and sucking wind trying to upgrade. When it got the iPhone, wow did it ditch unlimited data in a hurry.
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    There is a difference between them screwing you out of your data plan and you opting out by buying a phone at the subsidized price.

    Even still, every wireless carrier that I know of will take your money and make you feel as though it is a privilege to be a customer.
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    I think they'll try throttling before they actually kick you off unlimited. When it was announced that you could keep the plan with customer provided equipment, they seemed to acknowledge that maintaining unlimited data would be acceptable for the foreseeable future.

    The number of people out there with unlimited plans are shrinking by the day, so no doubt VZ is pleased with their decision.
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    I think VZW will implement a throttling/network management policy similar to AT&T.

    It's known that VZW is having issues in the likes of NYC and they'll need to do something.

    Throttling costs less per GB for a carrier.
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    Verizon can't throttle LTE on the 700mhz band until the FCC changes its mind and. I don't see that happening anytime soon. The real question is what will they do when they implement VOLTE (voice over LTE) when everything is data?
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    They can throttle 3G data but their 3G is very slow to begin with.
    And like said above they are not allowed to throttle LTE data.
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    I think unlimited plans invite laziness. Cellular networks are finite resource and the last thing I want is more towers having to be put up, at considerable expense and potential harmful effects, to satiate people that want to stream Pandora all day long.

    It's easy to remember there are nigh 7 billion other people on the planet and find ways to conserve your network impact by storing data locally or leveraging Wifi networks.
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    Great logic.
    People on unlimited data plans or that stream pandora or other services are all lazy:rolleyes:
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    unlimited is fading out, you just need to accept it. As most cell phones use data for almost anything and less people are talking but more are iMessaging, it makes sense.

    Really I think you'll find that with the new plan options you could even save money sometimes. It's not that bad, and not something to wring your hands over.
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    You missed the "invites" party. Don't reference logic unless you're ready to actually read and comprehend what someone is trying to communicate.
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    The networks here all dropped unlimited plans and then most of them realised that it had no impact on people's data usage - it's actually increased since then.

    They've realised that they can make a lot more money by pitching Unlimited plans at the higher end of the market.
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    Pandora doesn't use that much data... Only about 30MB an hour on average. That's what I read somewhere.
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    Invite laziness I guess is a nicer way you tried to put it out there if you wish but doesnt make a difference. Still what you suggest doesn't make any sense.
    Explain to me how having an unlimited data plan makes one lazy, will ya?
    Just want to try to understand what you meant.
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    Correcto, hence rolling over to Tmobile, hoping the truly unlimited lasts...
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    Is it a sure thing Verizon can't 'limit' unlimited 4G?

    I've been enjoying unlimited 4G since 6/2012. Got in just before Verizon shelved the unlimited plans. I am eligible for upgrade early 2013. Don't plan on using the upgrade though. Will just pay full price to keep unlimited. Hopefully will get a couple of more years out of unlimited 4G.
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    From A Buick 8

    I paid full price for my 5, my current contract runs until may of 2013. I do think they will keep unlimited until the last contract runs out ( june 2014 i think).

    So if they end it then, i will sell my 5 and just take a subsidized 5s or 6 what ever is out by then.
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    macher, we are not somewhat protected while under contract. Verizon can change their policy terms at any time. If they change their policy while you are under contract you can leave without paying any early termination fees.
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    Unlimited data will be eliminated within a few years. Verizon needs the profits from metered data.
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    i have verizon LTE unlimited and actually buying the phone for full price is worth it just to keep the grandfathered thing.

    i dont know, i have a good internet access at home but i kept on tethering my VZW (droid DNA) and it rocks! 5gb is so easy when watching netflix on my ipad mini and some 1080p youtube videos :p

    the phone paid itself in less than a week lol

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