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Phones Verizon Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G support simultaneous voice and data over 3G

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Reaper0bot0, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Hello, all!

    The last time I started a thread, it was about the fact that the HTC Rezound and Thunderbolt support SVDO, which due to the effectively redundant radios in those two phones, allows them hold a phone call whilst using the data connection over EV/DO (aka 3G). Several folks posted as if I had rather taken leave of my senses. I hadn't.

    The Incredible 4G and the Galaxy S3 can be forced onto 3G, which I have done. I then made a test call, left it on speakerphone, and browsed to several different websites and downloaded some small apps. Both worked just fine. Apparently the S4 processor (which both phones use, and is an all-in-one that includes the cellular radios as well) supports SVDO.

    I wonder if other manufacturers will implement this as well. It's a nice feature to have.
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    Who wants to be on a CDMA network anyway??? Way too many limitations, such as this.
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    Uh.....given that four phones can do it......is it really a limitation anymore?
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    Pretty much hahaha. Why just not switch to AT&T or T-Mobile??? It's a much better experience.
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    I was with Verizon for a few years and I hated CDMA. Switching from LTE and CDMA doesn't work.... Too many hiccups! Now I'm with AT&T with my S3 and couldn't be happier. I've noticed many apps crash with my S3 but found in the forums is a known issue which I hope we get a fix but that's another topic
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    Few people have one of those four out of Verizon's 90(?) million people. SVDO is also very draining of the battery because of how it works. Then there's the problem of one of Verizon's older towers kicking you off for not correctly understanding what SVDO is.
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    My 4S does it. What's your point?
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    No, if it is a CDMA 4S, it does not support a phone call and data over EV/DO at the same time. It will only do so over wifi.
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    Yours 4S (CDMA) does NOT do it
  10. blackhand1001, Jul 13, 2012
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    Cdma holds onto calls while traveling and in weak areas much better than GSM. This is because of soft handshake with the towers. Gsm has a hard handshake and if the signal is lost it will drop the call. This makes switching between towers and weak signal areas perform better. Cdma can also handle more concurrent connections off one tower than GSM. This is one of the main reasons why Verizon has better coverage in urban areas. However, the iPhones cdma radio is pretty poor in comparison to motorola, HTC, and some Samsung phones.
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    Too little too late IMO. Let Verizon focus on blanketing their coverage map with 4G LTE.
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    verizon has like 4x the LTE coverage...
  13. batting1000, Jul 13, 2012
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    Edit: Gotcha
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    WiFi. The Verizon 4S can do that only when it is connected to a WiFi network.
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    AT&T's on-call data is TERRIBLE. The download speed is only approx 1 meg and with a very high ping. The upload is virtually non-existent at 20k. AT&T throttles EVERYONE'S data during phone calls.
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    I've had very good 3G speeds while on calls. Often around 4Mbps down. Sometimes making a call makes my data go faster.
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    Next time I'm on a call and in need of mobile data I will. However I rarely make calls anymore.
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    Can't just get on a call and take a screenshot real quick? I'd love to see how it is you're somehow bypassing AT&T's network settings and getting 4 megs during a call.
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    Me calling my voicemail. How boring.

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    Sorry, I should have been more specific. Could you show the page with the actual result (after you tapped on the result).
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    Right, but I want to see that page for the speedtest you posted earlier, not a new one.
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    CDMA carriers! Welcome to 2008!
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    This one?


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