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Verizon Releases Sales Figures for 1st Month of BlackBerry Storm

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Unspeaked, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Looks like Verizon sold 500,000 BlackBerry Storms in its first month of sale...


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    That is a pretty respectable number. A boots on the ground personal survey shows them outnumbering iphones in my world by about 5 to one, but most of them are corporate devices.

    It probably stopped about 250k iphone registrations for those that were on the fence about switching carriers.
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    Storms specifically? Your company deployed that many of them that fast?

    In any event, I agree, 500k units in one month, for a company that has a large portfolio of other BBs, which continue to sell (particularly the well liked Bold), is very impressive.
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    I spend a lot of time with employees of a firm who can order their own phones from the corporate store, but for some reason the Bold was not a choice. One day, they all suddenly had the Storm, and I was surrounded.

    I am still happily using an 8700 and will switch to the Bold when the overseer allows.

    The Storm seems like a fine phone, but Verizon as the only carrier would keep me a million miles away. If you must have Verizon, There is nothing else even remotely interesting besides the Storm and the other blackberries (which are now a generation old).

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