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Verizon with bluetooth phone

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by puckhead193, Jul 28, 2004.

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    That looks like an awesome phone. My service is almost up on verizon and i was looking for a good phone with bluetooth, this looks like a great solution. I am sure this will work with your powerbook with a simple software update if it is not already supported.
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    I wonder when it will be available at the verizon stores... its not on their website right now
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    Has anyone successfully used any Verizon phones to wirelessly use iSync? I have a V60 that's pretty awful, and I'm looking to upgrade. Any recos?
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    I wouldn't expect that phone for a long time, and especially not with a reasonable price. It's not due for release until Q4 (I think) 2004, which means that it will hit Verizon stores probably in Q1 or Q2 2005 with a hefty $200 price tag after a 2-year contract is signed. That's an $175 dollar cancellation fee :(.
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    I think Radio Shack has them now...
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    Wouldn't expect which phone? I've had my Motorola V60 for 2 years, both inside and outside LCDs are dead. I'm looking for anything new, something that I can get now, anyone have any ideas?
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    I was in my local Verizon store(spokane WA) on monday cuz i was looking to replace my dying audiovox. I asked about a bluetooth phone and they said the V710 will be out on the 11th and should be getting them not too long after that. I bet they have them by the end of the month. Also, on a side note...well more of a rant. Verizon has the biggest and best Network of all wireless companies and they have the biggest market share as well why is it that they have the worst phones. I mean as far as features go they have been pretty slow to react to the industry. seriously its August 2004 and they are just now getting there first bluetooth phone and granted its not a bad phone, its far from the best phone moto makes. Check out the Motorola Razr 3 (or somthing like that) its a sexy phone but i asked and it wont be offered on the verizon network. any way end of rant
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    Because they have the best network and market share. I think Verizon's strategy is this..spend money on the network infrastructure, not on subsidizing the latest gee-wiz phones. (How much is a V710 at full retail - $500 or $600 bucks, and Verizon is selling it for $319 with a two year contract).

    Most people, (I mean not the early adopter like all of us on this board), could care very little about Bluetooth, or other new technologies. They just want a cheap phone, that has a good network behind it, or if they are so inclined be able to customize it with face-plates, and ring tones. But that's it.

    So yes, I also would like Verizon to have better phones, but I'm also glad they spent money on the network, because to quote an old Verizon markting line, the "phone is only as good as the network it is on."

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    Laslo Panaflex

    Hate to be a party pooper, but:

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    dam :(
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    It has bluetooth, however Verizon has restricted the bluetooth functionality so much that you cannot isync over it, you need the cable. Also you are unable to pass files over it either. I synced it with my PowerBook and the only thing it can do is dial out as a modem over bluetooth, which is kind of cool, but also kind of depressing seeing as I was hoping for so much more.
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    Wow, that's really too bad to hear. :( I had high hopes for that phone. I wonder if somebody will hack it?

    I don't understand why Verizon has to be so limiting with their phone options. I have had great luck with Verizon's network and the service is fine. I don't really WANT to switch, but their phone options are forcing me to. Looks like I'll have to check out T-Mobile. :/
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    I have to agree with you, you would think that they would understand that the coveted 18-34 year old age bracket are the ones who want cool phones, and the ones who spend waaaaaaay too much on their monthly cell bills.

    Oh well, hopefully they come out with a WiFi VoIP/Cell Phone soon. That would be cool!
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    T-Mobile rocks! In the Dallas area, anyway. With Verizon's aging network (what is it.. CDMA?) and the uprise of GSM in the States, it's only a matter of time before you ALL have to leave that company or go through the transition which AT&T suffered when they went all GSM.

    But at least you guys aren't on Sprint. Poor bastards...

    PS. Since there is now a 3rd party Blackberry conduit program, the new 7100t is looking pretty tasty. Bluetooth, 'Push' instant email, isync your ical, address book, can't use Mac Mail though... yet :(
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    I didn't read many of the above posts but I have the V600 through T-Mobile and the bluetooth is BADASS. I connect it to my bluetooth Pocket PC to surf the web and when I get my PB that I just ordered, I can use it for that too. I love that phone...
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    I love it too.. BUT, it's worthless with iSync as it's still not supported.

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