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Very Grumpy. iTunes doesn't recognise my Nano.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gog, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. gog
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    Any help much appreciated...
    I plug my nano in and it shows up as charging, but iTunes won't recognise it.
    Doesn't want to know it.
    So I search the apple site and it says try and reset the nano.
    But that makes me very very (very) grumpy because I have been running all January for the macrumors running club challenge and I'm afraid it will lose my data, see? All those miles, no reward = GRUMPY:mad:
    Does anyone know if:
    1) it will lose my nikeplus data
    2) if there is any way to make them meet up again without a reset?
    Thanks in advance!
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    If you reset it (not restore it!) by holding down center + menu for 5-ish seconds, you will not loose any data, music or runs.

    At least I haven't lost any data, yet, and I have to reset it on every other run, and always after I've set a record, which instantly freezes my nano...

    Hoping for a nano update soon... :(
  3. gog
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    Well thanks.

    Well thanks to my Norwegian genius, I'm back.
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    Please Apple.

    After two and a bit years of hassle-free use with my first iPod, my new Nano has been a pain from the start. (error-48 :mad: )
  5. gog
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    Well it still lost all my PBs though.
    Agreed, nano software update please.

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