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very. very. disappointed.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zimv20, Sep 29, 2004.

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    my 2.0 GHz dual g5, custom built from apple.com, finally arrived today. about 45 minutes ago.

    i carefully unpackaged it, examining every included piece (i get to do this about once every 4-5 years, don'tcha know), and finally put the rather heavy computer on my table.

    i was admiring everything about its loveliness, until...

    ...i got to the back. and discovered that both the airport and bluetooth antennas are bent away from the access holes. with some amount of effort, i got the BT antenna in, but the airport one is too far behind the back panel.


    i will be taking it to the apple store tomorrow.

    very disappointed.
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    Oh that sucks :( sorry to hear that.
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    That really blows mate, sorry to hear that.

    *sits in hope that imac works when it finally arrives, fingers crossed!!*
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    Wow, that sucks... sorry dude! I'm surprised they keep the antennas on like that in the box, you'd think that would be part of the user's assembly. :confused:

    Edit: I see, the photo explains it. It wasn't what I was picturing. Can you open the case to see how the actual components are positioned inside? Were they not soldered to the mobo correctly? Or is the case/mobo just misaligned?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Damn - that's just not right. I know your pain, though.

    I ordered the original Sawtooth, had the thing arrive, went and looked at everything and discovered they had sent me a Yikes - standard memory and none of my bto options. The worst thing was having the thing sit there knowing it had to be shipped back and then go through the waiting process.

    Let us know how it turns out.

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    Man, that is the absolute worst feeling in the world (well, it ranks up there somewhere anyway). I feel your anguish.
    I waited in line over night at the local Wal-Mart for my PS2 (first in line baby!..what a geek). I took it home, but couldn't test it out because I had to go to work. All I thought about that day was plugging that sucker in and trying out SSX. When I got home from work, my @$$ dragging from being up for 36 hours, I hooked it up and IT DIDN'T FREAKIN' WORK!! I was so po'd. It wasn't like I could go to the store and exchange it - everyone was sold out for weeks.
    I called my nephew to commiserate (sp?). Luckily for me, he had somehow gotten a hold of two, so he let me have his other one until I could get mine replaced.
    I hope the Apple Store can set you square as quickly.
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    thanks, everyone. here's what it looks like:

    Attached Files:

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    Mr. Anderson

    Are you going to have them work on it there or are they going to have to keep it for a while and ship it out to get fixed?

    Maybe they give you an upgrade or something extra....but don't hold your breath for that.

    Good luck,

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    i figured i'd just drop it off. the support guy on the phone said something about swapping out the motherboard.

    i'm debating on applestore vs. microcenter. the logistics of the downtown apple store (no parking) are giving me pause.

    that'd be nice, huh? frankly, there's not much more on the machine to upgrade :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    are the antennas connected directly? and would you get a new mobo? Interesting that they'd do that type of work in the store.....I've had what I've considered simple things required shipping out. Oh, well, good luck.

    I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend, looking forward to checking out the big store downtown.

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    I love the Chicago store...WAYYY nice. I have been there a few times and it is certainly one of my favs. You will love it. It has perfect placement.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've been to 3 or 4 others, but none of the flagship stores - I'm looking forward to it. Just wish I'd be leaving the store with a new machine :D

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    Was the packaging/box damaged also? The reason I ask is b/c FedEx beat the crap out of my iMac G5 box (arrived today)......luckily no damage.
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    Apple actually builds the boxes so that they can be run over by a truck and still keep their shape, just because of lousy shippers. Actually, judging by how Apple stuff gets into my store, they go out of their way to hire crappy shippers.
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    zimv20 you could always go to the store in Woodfield, plenty of parking there, although im not sure if they will do the repairs there because it isnt one of the larger stores
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    no, it looked fine. i suspect it was a shipping mishap, though. like maybe it took a good jarring.
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    yeah, i'm not really a suburbs kind of guy, though. the real issue w/ the chicago store isn't the parking (there are garages), it's the several block walk from the garage to the store w/ the rather heavy g5. i'll figure it out.
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    update: item dropped off at apple store
    diagnosis: new mother board
    notes: i've never powered up this machine
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    It is a really nice store. And, you should have seen the line on opening night, it was crazy. The theater seats are are very comfy, and you gotta love the glass staircase.

    Oh, and don't forget the super long Genuis Bar.
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    I'm jealous Mr. Anderson, you are so lucky to be able to visit a Flag Ship Apple Store. I hope that you will take and post pictures. It must be very exciting. If you want a machine why not, you only live once. ;)

    zimv20, thank you for posting your experience. Don't think I would have noticed the problem. It will all work out. Once your using the new G5 the disappointment will be a faint memory.
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    when my dual 2 arrived the antennas were in a separate baggie that i plugged in. it seems odd that yours would be different. why would they do that? the packaging obviously isn't designed for it.
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    my antennas were also in their own bags. it was the ports that was the problem. see the picture i attached above.

    i'll have an update in a bit.
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    There's no such thing as a non-crappy shipper.
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    the chicago apple store was able to turn around the repair in just over 24 hours. they did indeed swap in a whole 'nother motherboard.

    it was a warranty repair, of course, but my receipt shows a cost just shy of $900 (yikes).

    i've got most of my stuff transferred over. user experience is MUCH faster than my dual g4/500, which had been feeling pretty sluggish over the past 6 months. i'll put it through its paces w/ ProTools soon enough.

    other than the fact this thing isn't nearly as quiet as i thought it would be, i'm satisfied.
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    Yes there is. YOU! ( I mean the generic you, the person reading this post, Smokey the Bear and Uncle Sam type YOU! Not as in you = dontmatter :D)

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