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VESA Mount question..

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by toughboy, Sep 8, 2004.

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    is VESA Mounting something easy? how many seconds does it take a aluminium screen user to unmount the screen from its place and put it to VESA Mount?
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    "VESA" is a standard that was written. What it means is that if you buy a VESA compliant mounting device, it will work with a VESA compatible monitor. I had an SGI widescreen 17" LCD. It had a normal stand, but I bought a VESA compliant stand from www.lcdarms.com so it would swing from my desk.

    VESA is like ATX, a standard for people to conform to.

    So as far as speed... it takes about as long as unscrewing and re-screwing four screws on my monitor. Not sure about the apples.
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    Thanks for letting me know that about VESA.

    I actually dreamed of something easier than screwing/unscrewing, I was planning to use my iMac G5 on the desktop while I use it for daily stuff, and hang it on the wall for movie watching etc. :(

    Thanks anyways..
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    Mount Adapter

    It seems Apple will sell VESA mount adapter for iMac G5, not mount arm itself!
    You should also bye the arm from third party...
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    I'm pretty sure that Apple will sell the VESA mount as a whole, they'd prefer to sell the arm too, to keep the profit to themselves. At another point of view, Apple usually does things as flawless as possible (especially on design) they wouldnt harm their image like that..
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    If Apple wanted to make the arms themself, they wouldn't have made it VESA compatible. The whole point of conforming to a standard is to have people use OTHER mounts.
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    Mr. Anderson

    There are so many VESA mount arms out there - go google it.

    I like this myself and I'll probably get it for my 23" display.

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    VESA mounts aren't temporary-- they're supposed to be a permanant solution. So, it wasn't designed to be switched back and forth, and you'll probably put a lot of wear on it.

    Apple will sell an adaptor, but will NOT sell an arm with it. The whole point of VESA mounts is having so many options-- Ceiling mounts, desk mounts, wall mounts, etc etc. Why on earth would Apple increase the price of the adaptor by including a specific VESA mount that the majority of people won't use anyway?

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    I really liked that one too... 'cept it won't hold the 20" iMac because it's too heavy... dang!
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    Chip NoVaMac


    I was hoping for a quick release VESA mount. My thought was to get the iMac G5 for home and office. The weight of the 20" isn't much of a worry for me (I go into the office about 2 times a week).

    Better yet I would love to see an iPod styled dock for the iMac G5. It could even have a fan in it to provide better cooling.
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    I see the whole point now, as I saw the example that Mr. Anderson has posted.. :eek:

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