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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by keysersoze, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Yep, that's right. OS 7.6. Virtually For Free. For all you old-skoolers out there. Anyway, I don't want a lot for it-- but if you can make use of it, that's my greatest hope.

    $3.50 gets it shipped to you in the US. I take PayPal or cat treats (for my cat, of course).

    PM me if interested.
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    Full install disk? Is it machine specific?
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    It should be a full install disc, the only updates I've seen as a CD was Mac OS 7.6.1 (which actually is a full install) I own both but, I wouldn't see why it would just be an upgrade though. My money says it's a full install because I don't think Apple released a 7.6 upgrade on a CD. :)
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    You're awesome for not trying to take advantage of this vintage disc like the website that sells vintage apple posters for $199
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    eargh, 7.6 was worse than the Win'98 i use now (new iMacs arrive tomorrow!)...

    8.6.4, now THAT was a decent OS....
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    It looks like a full-install disc. The label on it says 'Mac OS' with the smiley Mac face. That's it. It is not machine specific.
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    I'm still resisting not to buy this....but mine is sort of scratched....*struggle* :eek: If you get a PM from me don't be surprised :rolleyes:
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    do it...
    pull the trigger...

    you know you want it...

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    PM sent :eek:
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