Victoria Gardens Apple Store, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by erandall38, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Anyone heading out there?
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    Planning on it.
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    I'll prolly head there also. Gonna make a stop by the at&t store in Victorville first then head out to the apple store. What time are you guys planning on getting there?
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    Im going there if I cant get one at an AT&T store in San Dimas.
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    ill be there at some point friday for sure
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    I probably wont be there till later in the evening. Got work.:(
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    ill be heading here to get a white and black 16gb if they dont have them in san bernardino :p
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    WHat time?

    They're opening at 8:00. I have a deposition at 10:00 in Pomona. Think I can get in and out of the Apple store and make it to my depo?:(
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    Depends on the time you get there that morning... or night before. :confused:
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    I will be there. Probably an hour or two before te store opens. My wife thinks I am a dork. I told her the proper term is Geek :)
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    I am planning on getting there by 5 am. I'm gonna have coffee and I"ll try to pick up some donuts for everyone. So stoked.
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    Just got off the phone with Apple and they said no line ups until 7AM. I don't wanna show up at like 5AM and there be a line already. I'm thinking of still going tonight and sleeping in the parking lot and just keeping an eye on the front of the store.
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    Did they mention how many they have?
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    wow.... there was probably 300 people in front of me when i got there at 9am. and they didnt sell out by the time i left there at 4pm. so... wow

    kudos to these employees for being so awesome and serving everything they did to the people in line :)

    anyone else manage to get away from the store with a phone or two?

    (black and white here)
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    My girlfriend and I got in the store when the doors opened and made off with two 8GB black phones. Love em! :)
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    I was about 30 people back and got one no problem. Did you all see Sugar Shane Moseley cut in line in front of me. Apple let him in so that he wouldn't be bothered by people in the back of the line!!
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    How was the line today?

    I called around noon and they said they were OOS but to check back throughout the day?

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