Video iPod Orders Shifted?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 26, 2006.

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    A previous report had claimed that Quanta had won an "iPod with Video" contract back in March. The details of this report were vague, however, making it unclear if the manufacturing contract was for the current 5G iPod or was, in fact, the rumored touch-screen video iPod.

    Regardless, a new Commercial Times report claims today that the order has shifted to another manufacturer.

    Most recent rumors on the touch-screen Video iPod (Mockups) indicated that it had been delayed due to technical difficulties.

    Meanwhile,there have been a flurry of speculation on upcoming iPods in recent weeks:

    - 8GB and 10GB Nanos this Summer?
    - iPod video media on Blu-Ray?
    - New Nanos in the Fall?
    - Comments by Apple that the average price of iPods sold is expected to drop this summer.
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    8gb nano? Lovely
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    There's defiantly something weird going on with the next gen iPod, we probably won't see it until close to 2007 if not in 2007.....This isnt a bad thing as Apple can make sure they make it as good as possible, and the current 5g will more than suffice until then,

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    I guess that fits--problems found, and unable to be fixed while staying with the initial manufacturer, resulting in a delay and a change of manufacturers.

    I could believe it.
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    Was the entire contract shifted? Or was another EMS provider added to handle demands?

    Regardless, Apple has a lot more R&D $ and resources. A video iPod is gonna be connected to so many more things when it is announced. Wouldn't it be odd if Apple left the iPod alone and just released something completely different? I mean, if your going touch sensitive, might is well go all the way and work on a resurrected newton right? This next player/device is going to be a major breakthrough I think.

    M$ seemed hasty with their Origami and made a fuss about it when Apple released their iPod HiFi at a small press release. M$ analyst probably have Apple pegged to release this device and thought it was going down early. Apple has definatly taken a bold stratedgy, watch to see it continue into the madness.
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    To be honest I'd really like a nano size full screen iPod. Obviously a bit thicker to allow for more battery.

    Even a nano that played video would be awesome, it can do it, to the detremement of battery life. The screen is easily big enough to watch an episode of family guy or lost, or even clips taken with a digital camera.
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    Yet Another...

    When do the rumors start getting tagged with the heading "YA"?
    YA Video iPod rumor
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    Oh yes, please! Alas - I don't think this is going to happen any time soon :(

    My 3G is getting on a bit now - esepcially when I compare it to my brother's 5G :rolleyes:

    Whatever top range iPod model Apple decides to release next, I'm getting!

    -- - for iPod users who love to travel
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    Defiantly eh? :D
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    Well today is my birthday, why can't they release it now! I guess that tax refund will just have to get invested or put in the savings account, how boring!
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    I need no 6G iPod, all I want is an iPod with at least 80GB, be it 5G or whatever. I'd buy it on the spot. Come on Apple, gimme some serious storage!
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    I second that. I've been waiting to replace my 4G iPod but not before they go 80GB. I'm sure there are quite a few people who think that way.
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    wedge antilies

    I concur

    Yeah this is more important to me than the Video capabilities.

    Although I do like having my cake and eating it.:p

    -Red 2.
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    Who needs a nano? I want a true video iPod already!
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    Seems to me like it's been a longer than usual time since Apple released a significant update to the 'pod...

    Apple must be under pressure to keep churning stuff out, what with those crapola cheapie rip-offs
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    Not that I'm really that interested. Couldn't afford one anyway...:(
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    More than "yet another" video iPod rumor

    At least this, if it is to be believed, explains some of the seemingly disjointed Apple announcements over the past few months.

    I wouldn't put it past Mr. Jobs, as he unveils it, to say something along the lines of "What? You didn't think we were going to forget our 30th Anniversary, did you?!" ;)
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    If you look at all available statistics on iPod sales (which is mostly either annecdotal evidence and proxy data like lists of top selling products at the Apple online store or Amazon, or the scarcety/availability when supply is under constrain) the iPod mini and the iPod nano were selling in significantly larger numbers than the full-sized iPod. And among the full-sized iPods the larger capacity model was always selling much less than the base model.

    There are a significant number of people who would buy a 80 GB iPod, even for music alone but they are not the people Apple makes most money with (although their margins are higher on the bigger models).
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    I'll agree with this too. If the touchscreen development is true (and it seems like it is with all the patent filings), then we should see MUCH more functionality in the new iPod.

    I'll go out on a limb and say that we'll finally see some kind of wireless capability, and the touchscreen will allow for virtual keyboard and limited (simplified?) web browsing.
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    Maybe they'll announce it at WWDC as "one more thing"...

    Maybe with a sample for developers...

    Time to convince my boss to send me...
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    It's curious to see just how many people believe that the word definitely contains the letter 'a'. This iteration is even more curious.
    Back on topic, I'm still waiting for just the right Pod to replace my still perfectly working 2nd generation, maybe a touchscreen is it.
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    Yeah, but I think that to be a question of price too. Because those were priced pretty high. Anyway with video content coming there'll be more mainstream need for higher capacities.
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    It seems to be one of the most spelled wrong words ever, which does seem peculiar.
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    If this is indeed in relation to the new touch screen iPod, then I'm fine with this. I'd rather Apple take its time and get things right than rush a defficient product to the market. It's too bad if they have run into problems, but it happens. Fix 'em up and eventually release the best iPod ever! :D

    In the interim though, hopefully Apple will at least give us a price drop and/or a capacity increase to the line. That should tide us over until these touch screen bad boys are ready to ship. :cool:
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    Not only does it seems to be the most mispelled word here on MR, it seems to be one of the most often used, drawing attention to how often it is mispelled.

    I love it when people start flaming on bad spellers. I don't care if you spell poorly, as long as you spend richly at the Apple Store.

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