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Video iPods - on the way?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by djchristie, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Did it seem weird to anyone else that the video iPod is part of the iPhone? Seems to me that something is missing in the story. Why develop the widescreen, touch sensitive video technology and stick it in a phone with a max 8gb memory? I reckon it won't be long before a true video iPod is on the way, they either didn't want to steal the iPhones thunder, or their hand was forced. Seems weird to announce 6 months before shipping and get sued for the name - seems like they jumped the gun for some reason. Anyway, maybe the video iPod isn't quite ready, but don't think it'll be long before we see it!
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    god i hope so. even though i did find the iphone really cool, there is no way i will ever get one. so i was kinda dissapointed that they didn't realease a new ipod cause i've been getting ready to buy one.

    the good news is, after seeing the iphone we can be pretty sure that the ipod is going to be similar. meaning i think were looking at a touchscreen widescreen video ipod.
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    it cant be long for a deicated widescreen ipod.....
    hopefully the sooner the better.
    has to be before christmas.
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    YES! I sure hope we see all the revolutionary features and design of the iPhone in a new Widescreen Video iPod SOON! Everything except the cellphone/service deal. Give me a Widescreen Video iPod with WiFi/Skype/iChat VOIP and I'll order it right now! I won't put one cent down on the iPhone though because I don't need cell service and I'd never sign one of those gohd-forsaken cellphone service contracts, NEVER!
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    I don't know if that was meant facetiously, but Christmas may be right. Apple won't want to cannibalize iPhone sales by bringing out this video iPod before the iPhone. In fact, I fully expect the release-ready iPhone to be a bit better than currently advertised ... they needed to announce those prices to avoid hurting iPod nano sales. But once nanos get their next flash memory bump (my guess is to 8 and 16 GB), the iPhone will do so as well at the same price points as already announced. Then, in time for back-to-school, expect to see a new iPod video with 120 gig HD and most of the features of the iPhone. I sincerely doubt, however, that Skype/iChat will be part of it.
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    I completely agree with you. I'd also expect the storage capacity to increase by the time the iPhone is available. Until then, I wouldn't be surprised to see additional features added to the phone as well (e.g., 3G).
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    Yeah, I'm convinced that the 3G thing is a bargaining chip with Cingular ... by not announcing it now, they have a lot of leverage on Cingular to get their act together in the next six months since the system is considered pretty much a disaster right now with very poor coverage and inconsistent quality. FCC approval takes two months ... I'll bet they don't submit until late March, giving Cingular some time to demonstrate that 3G is worth Apple's trouble.
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    How much of the phone would be in the widescreen ipod.
    meaning would it have google maps?
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    I now firmly believe that the replacement for the 5.5G iPod--essentially the iPhone minus the cellphone and PDA features--will arrive September 2007 as part of the regular product refresh cycle for the iPod. Expect a 16:10 display and your choice of either 80 or 120 GB hard disk storage on the player.
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    I know a little bit about wireless/cellphone tech but I am by no means an expert. The small amount of memory that the iPhone is shipping with has caused me a great deal of concern as I like to have my whole music/movie collection with me at all times. I was also a little curious as to why a mobile iTunes wasn't announced immediately considering all the talk Steve Jobs had done concerning the zune (which isn't even close to an iPhone but can DL songs directly). Is it possible that these two things are related? Can the iPhone possibly work similarly to a slingbox type set up were it will be connected to iTunes at all times and not require and memory as it is streaming content. I know that some of the content accessed on appleTV will be streamed. Can this be the trend and thus not require a huge hard drive on the device. I'm sorry that this is a little winded but I'm sure someone will understand my inquiry. If this device would somehow stay connected to iTunes and not require immense memory to contain all of my media that would truly be another leapfrog in this whole industry.
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    Been waiting for the full screen video iPod for 3 years. Really hoped/thought we'd see it this week. Had the cash ready...

    So when SJ announced the 'widescreen iPod' I got really excited. When he revealed it was also a phone it all went flat for me...

    Love the multi-touch UI. Think the iPhone is great. But don't need a mobile with all this on it. Can't afford £400 or whatever. Can't wait 12 months for the UK launch.

    Just want a F.O. iPod with all the new stuff minus the phone functions.

    Won't touch the 5.5 gen iPod now. Will keep wiating And waiting...

    Surely this will hit iPod sales until the Multi-Touch, widescreen etc launch?
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    Hey all I can say is we know what the future lies ahead for the next gen iPod and damn it's bright. It can only be better than what we expect and all we have to do is wait. And wait we will because once that iPod comes out it's going to be the most amazing thing ever, heck you never know it might run OS X too.

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